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It’s clear following the economic shutdown that a food, ammo, and supply shortages are more than possible. We’ve seen all of them happen. Prepare during the better times to thrive during the worse times.

Prepper Food Supply – Don’t run out of food.

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Prepper News – Are You Prepared?

Welcome to Prep For That. We create content based on survivalist and prepper news media. We aim to keep you and your family prepared with unbiased, unfiltered prepper news. We feature prepper tools and products that help you during pandemics, natural disasters, and government overreach.

We offer news and guides on firearms and ammo, including stockpiling ammo.

The coronavirus shutdown displays exactly how imperative it is to follow authentic prepper news and media. Understanding when another economic lockdown may happen helps you prepare before everyone else hordes basic needs. There is nothing worse than empty shelves.

Why prepare?

  • Earthquakes
  • Economic shutdowns
  • Pandemics
  • Flash floods
  • Civil war
  • EMP Attacks

Start mitigating your risk today.

Stockpile Ammo Today

During the coronavirus shutdown, ammo shortages reared their ugly heads. Everything from 12 gauge buckshot to 9mm was tough to come by. If you follow prepper news, you understand that it’s imperative to get ammo while it’s in stock. Some ammo is already coming back online, the time is now to stock up before more madness ensues.

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