How To Protect Red Dot Optics Sights From An EMP Attack

EMP Attack protection

As I’ve reported prior, an EMP attack is not as unlikely of an attack as many people want to believe. In fact, it is the most logical attack strategy for many of our enemies. A North Korean EMP attack could realistically happen and I’d say the risk supersedes that of the widely reported potential nuclear attack from the same country. And if that happens, your red dot optics and laser sights may get compromised.

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Ketogenic Diet Helps Migraine Sufferers Find Relief

ketogenic diet for migraines

A Ketogenic diet promotes eating healthy fats and moderate intakes of protein over carbohydrates. The diet has been a lightning rod of controversy for years, particularly as it has grown in mainstream popularity. Ten years ago saying “ketogenic diet” would have caused utter confusion. Today, people at least think of it as some form of low-carb, albeit, they see it as being carnivorous on a massive scale. Is a ketogenic diet for migraines, though? You might be surprised. And, as a prepper, you should definitely understand this if you are someone who suffers from migraines.

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How To Prepare a Bug Out Bag | Avoid These Mistakes

Often times, we discuss ad nauseam what TO pack in your bug out bag. But what about bug out bag mistakes? In my How To Prepare a Bug Out Bag article, I will go over common bug out bag mistakes that could leave a survivalist on a much shorter timeline. By learning how to prepare a bug out bag, the prepper learns to take nothing for granted. Just because you already bought your bug out bag essentials certainly doesn’t mean you are completely ready for anything.

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Build a Legit Tactical Bug Out Bag In Case Disaster Strikes

A tactical bug out bag could very well save your life. All too often, people living in the western world live mentally detached from the harsh realities of life. We feel that nothing bad could ever happen to us. We see the “third world” as a place we simply can’t relate to and that doesn’t affect us. But the ugly truth has been rearing its ugly head for years now. The 2017 Presidential race between Hillary Clinton and now President, Donald Trump, exposed that the United States and western society in general, has very real threats. Terrorism is on the rise. Weather scenarios are ultimately proving that our infrastructure is fragile. And for many of us, a general distrust of our government certainly plays a role.

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Surviving An Asteroid Impact | A 2036 Asteroid Could Destroy Life On Earth

surviving an asteroid impact

Of all the things you can prep for, an asteroid really isn’t one of them. Surving an asteroid impact probably isn’t at the top of your stress list. If a large enough asteroid strikes the earth, preppers and the unprepared all go down in exactly the same manner. But I suppose we shouldn’t sweat what we can’t control, right? However, if an asteroid strike takes down the power grid and dismantles world governments, you’d definitely be thankful you were prepared. And it isn’t reasonable to assume that this couldn’t be the case.

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How To Build A Survival Garden

survival garden
No, this isn’t the type of survival garden we are talking about…

Whenever I bring up the topic of a survival garden, I get a lot of feedback about Matt Damon being trapped on Mars. But there is a more realistic approach when it comes to building a garden that can supply food for many years to come. We don’t live in fear that society will collapse. Instead, we prepare for it to happen just in case. Preparedness is meaningful to some of us who enjoy a good night’s sleep. A survival garden would most certainly turn out to be a key survival means if things did go bad. I mean, we all need to eat, right? And if the grocery store shelves have been raided, our only means to eat will be our longterm food storage (hopefully you have that) or your own survival garden.

Imagine if this survival garden were a food source that you planted only once. And imagine that survival garden as being a healthy, non-contaminated (think pesticides here) source of vegetables and beans. Once the convenience of modern life has collapsed, your little secret perennial garden would be your final frontier for eating healthy and thriving. This garden could supply you with food for 30 years.

The hype over organic food that’s been going on for several years isn’t just a trend with no real background. The healthiest food you will ever find is one that is free of pesticides. The way nature works on its own has very little to do with traditional gardening as we know it.

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The Best Survival Knives Of 2017 – Every Prepper Should Have At Least One

Choosing from so many damn survival knives can make one’s head spin. Good survival knives tend to be priced between $30 and $60. There are all kinds. Multi-use (swiss army), fixed blades (awesome power) and folding versions (probably the most reliable and useful). So what’s the best survival knives for the money? Or heck, what’s the absolute best survival knife? There are a number to choose from.

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Bug Out Bag – The Essentials Needed To Survive Disaster

bug out bag essentials

What is a “Bug Out Bag?”

A bug out bag, sometimes called BOB, is a bag that contains essential emergency items. The bag is intended to help you and your family survive in dire circumstances, like an emergency. For example, what if you had to evacuate due to a natural disaster like an earthquake, tornado or hurricane? Could you survive for the next several days? Could you feed your kids and keep them healthy? If you have a bug out bag that’s packed right, you most certainly could. Your bug out bag essentials matter.

If you are new to being a prepper or a survivalist, then this might sound a little confusing or overwhelming. Well, don’t worry, the team at Prep For That is going to help you build an amazing, life-preserving bug out bag. After reading this article, no matter what happens, you are going to be able to survive for the next few days.

Bug Out Bag Contents | A Personal Decision

What one person might place on their bug out bag checklist could be vastly different from what another person might list. People are all different. Everyone lives in a different region of the world; some hot and others cold. Some people live in mountainous terrain and others near the Everglades. There are different situations with seasons and bugs and wildlife that must be taken into account. My below list should be considered as a general starting point for a very basic bug out bag contents list.

Building A Bug Out Bag | Stop Stressing, My Friends

Building a bug out bag sounds like quite a chore, but the truth is, it just takes a little planning and a small investment. You can build a cheap bug out bag and I promise, you’ll sleep so much better at night for it. Knowing you’ve taken even a small precaution can often lower your stress level.

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Why Data Back Up Should Be Included On Every Prepper’s List

data back up

We live in a day and age where our information and our documents are just something we consider when we need them. We don’t exactly stress out about our passport or birth certificate until we are suddenly inconvenienced by not being able to locate them before a trip to Cancun. For many of us, these files are kept in safe boxes on a “medium prepper” skill level. Often, someone in our family has convinced us that a few close to heart documents is something we should protect from things such as fire or floods. And that definitely the prepper website word to the wise.

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