3-Story Homeless Housing Proposed Next To California Elementary School

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Residents living in a suburban Los Angeles community are battling a proposal to construct a 3-story homeless apartment building. The 63 unit building will allow homeless people to live for free. If approved, it will be located within 500 feet of an elementary school.

A change.org petition against Affirmed Housing Group‘s proposal has collected 1,251 signatures at the time this article was written.

Residents feel the building will be too tall, resulting in violations to privacy. Additionally, many residents feel that the homeless apartment building will expose elementary kids to drug use and mental illness behavior.

Affirmed Housing Group has not stated what, if any, vetting process for homeless residents will take place. Chatsworth could decline the proposal, but they have given no indication they will, in fact, decline.

Last month, protests erupted over the proposal, causing Affirmed Housing Group’s plan to come under scrutiny.

Jimmy Silverwood, vice president for Affirmed Housing Group, wrote in an email published on Daily News that he was ready to “discuss the development, answer folks’ questions, provide information about the project timeline, building and operations/services of the development. In addition, we are looking to receive feedback on the design.”

The Los Angeles City Council has approved funding for what’s now being called, Topanga Apartments.

When I visited Affirmed Housing Group’s website, I found a map of completed and upcoming projects. Below is a screencap whereas I’ve noted the possibility of the Chatsworth project. While the map is considerably difficult to navigate, that lone green pin is certainly in the area of Chatsworth. However, clicking on the pin displays:

PATH Metro
345 N Westmoreland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90004

affirmed housing chatsworth

Due to a $1.2 billion bond measure that was approved by district voters, Topanga Apartments could be just the beginning. The district includes Chatsworth, Granada Hills, and Porter Ranch. Of course, Affirmed Housing Group will need to get city approval in all cases. It’s likely, however, that they will encounter backlash no matter what location they choose. This makes it less likely that the group will back down on the Chatsworth location, even though it sits incredibly close to an elementary school.

California’s policies are sinking the state’s middle class, many of whom now sleep in their cars. But the city has no qualms throwing up “supportive living” apartments.

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