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‘33,000 Europeans Die Annually,’ Superbugs Bigger Threat Than AIDS, Flu, Tuberculosis Combined


‘33,000 Europeans Die Annually,’ Superbugs Bigger Threat Than AIDS, Flu, Tuberculosis Combined

A new report reveals that superbugs kill 33,000 Europeans annually. European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) says that these new statistics make superbugs a larger threat than tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, flu, and tuberculosis combined. Worse more, the ECDC blames antibiotic resistance on the growing threat to mankind.

The mass deaths are a “direct consequence of an infection due to bacteria resistant to antibiotics,” the report claims. Researchers published the report in Lancet this week.

For perspective, in 2017, AIDS killed 940,000 persons globally. In the same year, 1.3 million people died from tuberculosis. Making the situation even more complex, tuberculosis is the leading cause of death for those who have AIDS.

medical malpractice superbugs

Medical malpractice is a driving factor in superbug fatalities, according to the report.

Scientists now claim that 70% of harmful bacteria responsible for superbugs are resistant to at least one antibiotic. Such scenarios mean that the superbugs are less treatable by modern medicine, enabling them to spread and thrive.

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Hospitals Responsible For Superbug Infections

People who succumbed to superbug fatalities did so under the supervision of medical care 75% of the time, according to the report. This indicates that medical facilities are failing to protect citizens from dangerous bacteria.

Superbug fatalities were most dense in Italy and Greece. The age of the affected people was not relevant. Both young and old were equally detrimentally affected by superbugs.

Many researchers believe that antibiotics, once considered the main defense against such superbugs, are almost entirely irrelevant now. This places the burden of change on medical facilities that have shown a clear and egregious level of incompetence.

Pharma Has Stopped Antibiotic Research

The situation is worse when we consider that many pharmaceutical companies have all but given up on antibiotic manufacturing. They’ve moved on to greener, more profitable pastures. Some might classify this as an insult to injury considering that pharmaceutical companies pushed antibiotic prescribing for years; an activity that clearly led to antibiotic resistance.

As always, make sure you have prepper antibiotics stored (just in case, of course).

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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