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40,000 children had to have rotting teeth removed in hospital operations

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40,000 children had to have rotting teeth removed in hospital operations

The Standard American Diet is anything but standard. It is more likely to be looked upon in history as “dangerous.”

Sugary drinks are the epicenter of a world crisis when it comes to sugar intake. The sugary drink market is monsterous in size and reach. The industry does an impeccable job painting sugary drinks out to be healthy and “fuel for athletes.”

Well, if they were marketing correctly, they’d have to put on their ads the fact that kids are constantly having operations removing their teeth.

A record 40,000 children had rotting teeth removed in Britain last year alone, according to an article in the Mirror. To be exact, there were 40,800 extractions of teeth for patients under the age of 18. The 2012 – 13 stats showed 36,833. So yes, that’s a huge jump in operations. In order to perform these operations, children must be placed under anaestesia, which must be done in a hospital as opposed to a dental office.

Yes, its a big deal.

Public Health England claims that the average child in England recieves the equivalent of just under three sugar cubes (and that’s just at breakfast).

So allow me to inject a bit of clarity here: The sugar epedimic in Britain is so bad, children are being put through horrendous surgical operations at an astounding, and growing, rate. That’s for your consideration, of course.

Having bad teeth goes beyond intense surgical operations and vanity, poor oral health is typically a sign of heart issues. It can also affect the child’s ability to communicate with other children, sleep, their speech, and so much more.

Additionally, overloading children with sugar surely helps create the facade of “ADHD.” And then we go down pharma’s road of medicating to treat the symptoms.

We have truly done our children a disservice.

As most parents know, even attempting to put their children on a healthy diet can often be thwarted by schools who serve them sugary food items and drinks. Other parents can often shame parents who “don’t let their child have any fun.” Surgical removal of the teeth, however, doesn’t sound all that fun.

A BBC production which aired back in 2015 apparently understood what was happening. It would seem a lot of people failed to view this.


Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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