Videos Shows Bees Collapsing Under 5G Towers In California Town

bees 5g tower

5G safety concerns are back in the news following the release of a video that claims to show bees dying underneath of a Sierra Madre, California 5G tower. Phillip Sites, the creator of the now viral Youtube video, says he isn’t sure if 5G towers are bad for humans, but says they are “definitely not safe for our environment, because it is killing bees…” The camera then pans to dead bees spread across the pavement.

While filming, he shows bees falling from the sky, in between two 5G towers.

Sites left the following comment on his video:

“Before I made this video I did not realize the bee’s were dying between these 2 poles. I go to this location every week. And almost every week I would find a multitude of bee’s dead on the floor were I would park. As I saw more scientist and doctor’s coming out on video about how bad 5G is for us and that it hasnt even been tested on the enviroment or people. And even mobile device companys have put in there contracts that they are not responsible for any health issues that happen from 5G. Its kinda scary! And a couple months ago I realized the bee’s were dying between the 2 poles. I investigated before I assumed it was from the poles. I searched the property for more dead bee’s. But as got further from the radius of the poles there were no more bee’s. I totally believe pesticides are killing bee’s. But, this shows me that the towers are also killing the bee’s. And I wanted to raise awareness that this is happening. I believe they have been testing 5G in many areas, How would they know they work, right! I saw them putting new plate on these towers about 6 months ago. This video is to raise awareness.”

While 5G health risks remains a controversial topic, many places around the world aren’t taking the claims lightly. Residents in part of Orange County, California are providing backlash against 5G tower installation plans. Finland is pushing back on 5G technology. Even NASA and NOAA are warning that 5G may disrupt weather prediction technology.

5G has no shortage of critics.

But many believe that safety claims against 5G are part of a Russian plot to slow the United States’ technological advancements.

In the end, it’s clear that the 5G controversy is nowhere near an end point.

Author: Jim Satney

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