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5G Equipment Quietly Being Installed On Rhode Island Street Lamps

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5G Equipment Quietly Being Installed On Rhode Island Street Lamps

5G is coming, whether any of us want it or not. At least that’s the approach some states and wireless companies seem to be taking when it comes to the controversial fifth-generation wireless network. Wires and boxes now clutter Providence light poles and traffic lights, however, people in the area have no idea how they got there. Worse more, state agencies and major telecommunication providers refuse to respond to media inquisitions. Yes, 5G is quietly being installed in some of our cities with no accountability.

City officials announced the first phase of 5G cell network roll-out last week. The new network aims to increase Internet speeds. However, 5G health risks have many citizens concerned.

But people seeing the new installs are at a loss for how they got there. This is because media request to Verizon, the governor’s office, and Rhode Island Department of Transportation have gone ignored. This leads many to believe the state is installing 5G without any accountability. State officials seem to refuse to communicate or debate the matter in a public forum. Instead, they will continue to establish the networks all over the region.

Rhode Island residents are waking up to 5G networks latched to traffic lights, street lamps, and more.

Gov. Gina Raimondo is a long-time promoter of 5G. Back in 2016, she made clear her position to “make Rhode Island one of the most desirable places to live, work and do business” via 5G network installations. Today, with 5G network installs occurring all over the city, its obvious she’s intent on achieving her goal. She also promoted legislation that sought to stop any regulations that could slow down the mass installations.

“Since the beginning, cities have given utility companies a piece of the public right-of-way. This was necessary to extend electrical, gas and other services to the intended users. In the past, the most obvious result of this was the electric poles and wires that march down city streets or alleyways,” said Brent Runyon of the Providence Preservation Society.

“As we’ve seen with electrical transformers, utility companies are coming up with new things to put onto the right-of-way and there’s been no discussion with the public about how this would affect the character of our communities,” said Runyon. “It is reasonable to expect them to work with the City when they are considering placing a transformer in front of some buildings, though perhaps not all. An example is the one they put underground at the Old State House on Benefit Street.”

Samsung, who is partnered with Verizon on 5G equipment manufacturing, called it’s recent 5G installs in Rhode Island a “5G milestone.”

Rhode Island residents have flooded social media with criticism over the recent installs.


FCC Goes Forward With 5G Spectrum Auction Despite Controversy

The FCC held a 5G network spectrum auction on March 15th, despite rising concerns over the health risks. Not only have residents complained over the lack of 5G research, but so has National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NASA, and a number of politicians.

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal has long fought for deeper research into 5G network safety. The movement to check telecommunication companies and government agencies over the future 5G grid is undoubtedly growing. But growing discontent is being met with telecommunication companies and government officials moving forward in the quiet of the night. Citizens are waking up to more and more 5G network wires straddling their local light poles and traffic lights. 5G network health risk is a new line in the sand and likely to become more and more divisive.

5G Health Concerns Plaguing Cities All Over The World

Rhode Island isn’t the only U.S. city to raise concerns over potentially risky 5G networks. Parents in a Sacramento suburb claim that a single 5G network tower is causing an uptick in childhood cancer. Portland, Oregon’s mayor temporarily blocked the installation of 5G network towers. But places such as Rhode Island have been less successful at staving off, or delaying, 5G network installations.

The only way to avoid 5G is to move away from metropolitan areas that support it. However, that’s not a realistic alternative for most people. Even the best SHTF plan is thwarted by 5G if you live in the vicinity of the equipment.

Author: Jim Satney

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