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Started in 2016 as a reaction to the growing global discontent for mainstream politics and news media, PrepForThat.com is a site dedicated to providing content that aims to make us all a little less fragile. We are a top prepper news destination.

Whether it be political or weather-related news, how to survive guides, or content geared towards our parental and libertarian rights, PrepForThat’s multiple writers and contributors ambitiously seeks to improve our lives. Our prepper news driven content helps you detour from the distraction news and understand the importance of a SHTF Plan.

These days, we are challenged at almost every facet of our lives. Financial hardships, natural disasters, and a turbulent political climate all respectively present challenges to ourselves and our friends and family. We target content genres which serve to inform and teach with the ultimate goal being to build an anti-fragile being.

Our content is widely shared across social media. We have a number of prestigious and thoughtful contributors. We adore our readers. Please always feel free to give us any feedback via our contact form or our comments sections.