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You Might Have Adenovirus, Not The Flu, According To New Information

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You Might Have Adenovirus, Not The Flu, According To New Information

Flu mania is at an all-time high this year. The media has incessantly reported (and misreported) each and every instance that the flu is somehow relevant to a person’s demise. While this is a prepper news site, I am a bit icy on the flu propaganda machine which now seems to be merely a marketing platform for failed flu shots.  I realize that reads like a well-orchestrated fictional conspiracy theory, but I can’t help but use my common sense.

One of the main fears is flu misdiagnosis. That’s happened, believe it or not, and it cost a young girl her life. While I believe that everyone should know how to survive a pandemic, I also think that while the media is parading the flu around as the next Ebola, there may be other concerns that are being left unattended. One of those seems to be a virus that mimics all the symptoms of flu. Its called adenovirus and its symptoms are almost exactly the same as those a person would suffer from after coming down with the flu. Doctors rarely test for adenovirus and the adenovirus vaccine situation isn’t the same theatrics as flu shots offer.

“Unless you look for it or you suspect it’s circulating or you are using diagnostic testing capabilities that can tell it apart, you are going to miss it, especially during flu season,” said Adriana Kajon, Ph.D on AOL news.

Kajon also said that severe cases of adenovirus are being missed; which essentially points to adenovirus being lost in the fray of the flu hype machine that’s currently plaguing our mainstream media.

So you might be wondering, why would adenovirus seem so media-inconsequential when compared to the flu? Well, be warned, we are going back to that uncomfortable, but completely reasonable, conspiracy theory place. The flu shot is a mainstream vaccine that’s readily available and widely prescribed to people. The flu shot can easily be pushed in workplaces, even mandatorily in hospitals. The flu shot is being recommended now for younger and younger people.

The adenovirus vaccine is not distributed to civilian folks. In fact, adenovirus vaccines are only distributed to the military. From 1971 to 1999, the adenovirus vaccine was a core military vaccine. However, in 1999, the vaccine maker stopped production of the adenovirus vaccine, which stopped it from being supplied to military bases throughout the world. But in 2011, Teva Pharmaceuticals acquired a new adenovirus vaccine contract with the military which re-prompted the use of the vaccine on military personnel. Basic training recruits began being vaccinated against adenovirus once again.

Seeing that the vaccine is only for the military, the profit potential for diagnosing adenovirus is simply nonexistent. Teva Pharmaceuticals has exposed the greatest extent of profit for this vaccine by obtaining an Army contract.

Adenovirus is considered a respiratory illness, most cases tend not to be overly severe. Sore throat, diarrhea, pink eye, bronchitis, pneumonia are a number of the potential serious symptoms which can mimic that of the common flu. Coughing, sneezing, shaking hands, are the common ways you transmit adenovirus (sounds familiar…because it is familiar).

How often is adenovirus being mistaken for the flu? We can’t know that because even flu diagnosis seems hardly confirmed anymore. If you go in and tell a doctor you have all of the above symptoms, you are probably asked if you have had your flu shot and getting some Tamiflu and being sent on your way.

The hype and overdramatization over the flu are beyond sensational, it’s downright reckless. Cases of strep, adenovirus, and who knows what else are likely commonly being misdiagnosed as the flu, potentially for the sake of getting more people to receive a flu shot. A flu shot which is confirmed to barely work.

That said, as preppers, sensational news should only serve to remind us to prep for things we may have slacked on. Make sure you check out a list of my pandemic prepper supplies (its all cheap stuff). Make sure you know what to do if a pandemic ever strikes your living quarters, city, or state. Pandemics have taken devastating tolls on human lives throughout history, however, we live in the post-vaccine world which tends to imply we are safe from such consequences. That’s simply not true, vaccines are consistently failing these days and most vaccines tend to be in place for profit over true human protection. Always be prepared to help you and your family via your own prepper means. The media is always doing what’s in the media’s best interest, which tends to be sensationalizing events.

I certainly don’t want to get the flu, but taking a failed flu shot is hardly the method of prevention I would choose (to each their own). For me, I wash my hands, avoid cashier’s that are sneezing like crazy, I eat clean, I lower the amount of alcohol I drink, and I wash my hands (again, for good measure). I choose to clean off germs and build up my immunity for any that get through the guard.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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