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Alabama Homeschool Laws


Alabama Homeschool Laws

Alabama homeschool laws are pretty straightforward, but stringent in the same way. Like any other state, in Alabama, if you want to homeschool, you will definitely need to understand Alabama homeschool laws and follow them to the letter.

Alabama Homeschool Laws

All children between the ages of 6 and 17 must be enrolled in a public (or otherwise) school. This is a compulsory attendance law. The best way to start is to withdraw your child from school in a formal manner. It it always advised to contact your local school district directly and ask for the appropriate, formal method for withdrawing your child from school.

Often, the school will have you right a formal letter to the school board citing that you intend to withdraw your child from school starting at the next age. All the same, this is a great start to the process and helps you cover bases down the road in the event Alabama homeschool laws decide to target your family in any way.

  • Beyond that, you will have three options for homeschooling your child.
  • You can put your child in an Alabama church school. In this way, your child’s records will be managed by the church, rather than a public school.
  • Utilize a certified state tutor. You can either become the tutor yourself, or, you can pay one for their services.

In 2014, Alabama homeschool law enhanced the law to accommodate homeschoolers by allowing people to set up their homes as non-public schools. You can now set up your home as a non-public or a private school.

Alabama Homeschool Vaccine Laws

Alabama homeschools fall under either the church school law or private tutor statute, neither of which require state required vaccines. So no, in Alabama homeschools, you aren’t required to vaccinate.


Alabama homeschool laws make it possible for parents in the state to take their child’s education by horns. Also, please refer to our how to homeschool guide for more information on the subject. You should always do as much of your own research as possible. Off the grid education is tough, complicated, but also very fulfilling as a parent.


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