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American Academy of Pediatrics Warns Dishwasher, Microwaves Dangerous To Kids Containers

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American Academy of Pediatrics Warns Dishwasher, Microwaves Dangerous To Kids Containers

The American Academy of Pediatrics is issuing a warning to parents: Don’t microwave or use a dishwasher on your children’s plastic containers.

A new report suggests that by doing so, parents are exposing their children to potentially harmful chemicals. The report also that there has been an increase in evidence that suggests chemicals, such as food coloring and preservatives, may be harmful as well.

The heating of plastics, which includes both the use of a microwave or dishwasher, stimulates the extraction of these harmful chemicals into the container. Beyond that, the child would be exposed to the extracted chemicals when they eat or drink from the container.

The report says that plastics with recycling codes that read 7 for bisphenols, 3 for phthalates, or 6 for styrene, are bad news and should not be used. Using glass containers, or even steel is recommended in place of the plastic containers.

While there are thousands upon thousands of chemicals considered safe by the FDA, the few that aren’t can cause serious issues, Leonardo Trasande, the author of the report, said. Issues such as autism, brain development issues, ADD, ADHD, stunted muscle or bone growth, are just a few of the issues that can arise from toxic chemical exposure, according to the report.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has yet to review the report. However, their press officer Megan McSeveney said in an interview with USA Today that “reasonable scientific certainty” exist that additives are “generally recognized as safe.”

Thankfully, many parents already understand that microwaves aren’t generally considered safe when it comes to health, as convenient as they might be.

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Author: Jim Satney

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