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America’s Free Speech Is Being Stolen (And We Are Letting It Happen)

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America’s Free Speech Is Being Stolen (And We Are Letting It Happen)

Back in May, the British police posted images from recent cannabis arrest online. The arrest images showed incredibly small amounts of marijuana in evidence bags. It was laughable. People laughed online and mocked police over the posted images.

But being Britain, a country that’s formally resigned from once revered right of free speech via section 127 of the Communications Act 2003, police attempted to have the last laugh.

British police threatened to jail the social media mockers.

“Hope you manage to nail Pablo Escobar this afternoon” one person “illegally” posted.

“Hope you manage to nail Pablo Escobar this afternoon” someone else stated.

British police were quick to remind the community at large of their authoritarian powers.

“I would like to remind everyone that this is a Police page and whatever your thoughts on one of my officers seizing drugs in the community, being insulting, abusive or offensive can and will result in a prosecution under the Malicious Communications Act 1988.”

Free speech in the U.K. is dead. And its also dying in most of Europe. And, well, the United States is pushing similar narratives (more on that later).

In 2016, as a result of this authoritarian communications act, 3,395 people were arrested for some form of offensive speech, mainly on social media. At one point, this means nine people per day were arrested for offensive speech. If I made the statement I just made but tied it into NAZI Germany’s history; you’d be astounded and deeply saddened.

But it’s now. Today. In our supposedly free modern times. So somehow, its disregarded. “Hate speech” is not free speech, I’m often told in a deriding manner by those who see the crumbling of free speech as “conspiracy.”

Free Speech In America Is Dying (Fast)

It isn’t just Europe where free speech is finding its end, its in America, also. You know, America, the most widely celebrated free speech nation in the world.

Politicians, corporations, tech companies, and a salivating liberal herd are all complicit in restricting speech in America.

The issue of free speech decimation most certainly reaches across political aisles, however, the new extreme versions of liberalism have it as their platform’s foundation.

Often, liberal corporations step in to punish those with disagreeable perspectives or the mincing of words by firing them.

The Non-Compliant Are Fired, Shamed, Ostracized

We have literal witch trials happening right before our eyes, yet many of us are not awake enough to realize the danger we are in.

Justine Sacco, a 30-year-old executive for IAC had her life ruined over an inappropriate AIDS tweet. The social media mob attacked her while she was in flight over her tweet, I think she unemployed by the time she landed.

An Indianapolis city worker was fired last April because, allegedly, he donned a Trump hat.

free speech america

The 1990’s saw censorship agendas against rap artists.

Public apologies on social media over trifles are so common, we hardly notice them anymore.

Rapper Killer Mike told NRA TV host, Colion Noir, that he would never allow his kids to walk out of school in support of an anti-gun march.

“I have worked as a tireless advocate for children and disenfranchised women in my community and I’ve also worked with gun groups like Georgians Against Gun Violence that are not the most pro-Second Amendment [organizations], but I said, ‘If there’s a table to be sat at, the gun owner needs to be there.’

“I told my kids on the school walkout, ‘I love you, [but] if you walk out that school, walk out my house,’” he added. “We are a gun-owning family…we are a family where we’ll fish and hunt, but we are not a family that jumps on every single thing that an ally of ours does because some stuff we just don’t agree with.”

The “situation” ended once Killer Mike apologized for his “views” in what appeared more like a hostage video than it did a sincere apology.

Of course, we could discuss the absurd and odd journey of Kanye West, who stuck by President Trump until the kitchen got too, too hot.

These are both rappers by trade. Did you ever think you’d see a day where two rappers would back down from their views?

1990’s Rap Censorship (We Learned Nothing)

In the early 1990’s, rappers faced government persecution for their often racy lyrics.

Florida based rap ensemble, 2-live-crew, became the centerpiece of rap censorship in the early 90’s. Their popular single, “Me So Horny,” was widely condemned by moralist politicians that sought to censor the group’s work at every possible level.

Florida politicians attempted to stop the sales of the album in Florida’s Broward County.

The band was arrested for playing their song in a Hollywood, Florida adult’s only nightclub.

But those rappers fought back, even after being jailed. Their albums hit the top of the charts, somewhat fueled by the absurdity and persecutory ongoings by overreaching government officials.

Those rappers sat behind iron bars and remained unrelenting.

Today’s rappers fold up like lawn chairs when the evening winds start to cool down the beach.

Free speech in America is dying. And much of our herd is explicitly for its death.

Big Tech Now Controls Most Of Our Speech

Big Tech companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple, and even Paypal, are actively seeking to silence conservative voices.

Here’s Paypal censoring content by threatening to pull merchant processing.

Google’s free speech suppression examples are well-known. They’re now even helping China suppress and censor content to its people. Talk about not even hiding it…

Facebook and Twitter are the most popular gateways to information we have. Both have policies that “ban hate speech.”

But all of this is not amending the constitution, right?

It isn’t. 

And the free market determines its self-regulation. You should be able to fire who you want. A private company should be able to delete user accounts at will.

But let’s face it, if you can’t earn income and can’t network on social media, you are all but dead. You’ll comply. You’ll have to. Just because the 1st amendment exists doesn’t mean it will pay your mortgage.

But much like the moralists’ lawmakers in Florida’s 1 Live Crew obscenity case, the government is laying the groundwork for the removal of speech rights.

American Laws Are Changing To Silence Disagreeable Speech

richard pan censorship

California’s SB-1424 could censor state Internet companies.

In California, Senator Richard Pan introduced SB-1424, which is intended to stop anti-vaccine websites from operating in the state of California. If that’s not bad enough, the legislation is much further reaching than just the vaccine debate; it includes almost all disagreeable sentiments and perspectives.

The government has human emotion on its side. Emotion is the driver of liberalism.

The news knows this, just watch CNN for an hour. It’s all emotion. Pictures are taken out of context to help illicit emotional responses that cause people to react in a politically satisfactory way.

The “hate speech” agenda is real. Free speech in America is on the line and we closer than ever to complete confiscation.

Big Tech, massive corporations, our school systems, are all complicit with our government on the agenda.

A large swath of our nation is convinced that free speech is a threat to them.

It’s happening.

It’s scary.

But the reality is, we may be too far along in the process to stop it.

Trump (The Good, The Bad)

free speech trump

President Trump’s affect on free speech decimation is a mixed bag.

The constant negative news coverage of President Trump is unrivaled at any point in our history.

News networks smash Trump so severely that now even former Republican Presidents are being revered as heroes by those same networks that once cast those same Presidents out to the wolves.

Trump often fights back, deriding the media conglomerates and labeling them liars.

It’s a complex, tricky spot.

On the one hand, Trump’s attempts to shun the media play right in the hands of our dying free speech environment.

On the other hand, Trump is exactly right. The media utilized spectacular, salacious, and even false narratives long before Trump was elected President.

Trump makes the blasphemous environment more noticeable, but it existed long before he pointed it out.

In the long run, Trump isn’t to be trusted not to find ways to help chip away at free speech rightfulness. But in the short term, he might be exactly what the doctor ordered.

In all of his childish reactionary squabbles with CNN, he’s pointing out a bitter truth that many of us had understood years before he came along in the political sphere.

Let’s face it, Trump’s brutal honesty over the matter is a reason he won.

We Are All Complicit

We all keep using Facebook and Twitter. How can competition thrive when none of us seem willing to put our addictions aside for the greater good?

Everyone keeps apologizing to their masters for humor-driven Tweets, or minced words. Or worse, for respectful, legitimate political opinions.

We are all kowtowing the liberal agenda in some way or another, even when we think we aren’t.

When you shout out your truth on Facebook, it is still ON FACEBOOK.

This all snuck up on us. Our social media addiction happened in the background of our lives. The offices we worked in built up massive HR policies in the background in rapid order.

We are where we are. No one wants to give up what’s left, but what’s left is eating away our rights. This is how slavery works.

When you don’t have food storage for you and your family, the first disaster means you are now reliant on government feeding trucks.

This is slavery.

And until further notice, such slaves we are.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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