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Amish Farmer Jailed For Chickweed Salve…Trump Being Called To Intervene

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Amish Farmer Jailed For Chickweed Salve…Trump Being Called To Intervene

An Amish grandfather got the proverbial book of injustice thrown at him this week when a Bath County, Kentucky man was sentenced to six years in prison. His crime? He never registered his homemade herbal Chickweed Salve with the FDA. And as we all should know well by now, the FDA is a crony system that shakes down anyone with a holistic venture.

Sam Girod was convicted on 13 counts. Judge Reeves has sentenced the Amish man to six years in prison, and over $15,000 in fines. In case you are curious, the sentence is a much harsher sentence than typical drug dealers receive. His salve does not contain illegal substances, instead, it’s his misstep in non-FDA registrations which did him in. When the FDA wants their bribe, they get their bribe.

Girod has a slew of supporters show up and gather outside of the courthouse. One of those supporters is Arizona sheriff, Richard Mack. Mack is also President of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. Mack took to Facebook live to appeal to the public for support.

“Today, a family has been destroyed.”

“I was in there for this national travesty. The judge basically said, ‘[Sam Girod] has never shown any remorse, he’s never done what he’s told, so we’re just going to put him in prison.’”

“This was a ‘teach a good Amish man a lesson’ sentence because he hasn’t done anything we said.”

“He does not deserve 6 years in prison – he deserves NO TIME in prison! This is a national disgrace and outrage, and that Senator Rand Paul has done nothing about this is another disgrace!”

Mack also plead to President Trump for help. There has yet to be a response from the President.

Girod’s attorney also pointed out that his being Amish will make the prison time even harsher to experience. As an Amish citizen, Girod isn’t used to electricty or walls in any capacity.

“Keep in mind that Sam Girod is Amish. He does not live with electricity, phones, concrete, steel. Those are not normal; those are not natural in his life,” said attorney Michael Fox. “An incarceration in a prison setting is going to be more punishment for him than a normal person.”

The FDA is a shakedown mafia that uses legal leverage to force small businesses to pay up. Because they accept lobbyist money from pharmaceutical companies, they come down intensely hard on those offering up potential holistic solution. Many cities around the country are fighting citizens who try to survive sans the system. Take the Tulsa story of the woman who built her survival garden, only to have it mowed down by city cronies.

Girod’s case is further interesting due to his Amish heritage and beliefs. The Amish typically shun pharmaceutical applications. They’ve been on a proverbial watchlist for eons.


Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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