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Angela Merkel Believes Trump And Putin Should Meet In Washington

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Angela Merkel Believes Trump And Putin Should Meet In Washington

Angela Merkel seems to disagree with a variety of Democratic lawmakers who believe that President Trump should reconsider, or completely drop, the scheduled meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump in the United States.

Merkel, speaking at a press conference, said meetings between the United States and Russia need to become “normal again.”

“In principle it’s always good for everyone when there are talks, particularly when there are talks between these two countries.” Merkel went on to stay.

“I think it must once again become normal for Russian and American presidents to meet.”

The scheduled meeting between Putin and Trump is slated to take place at the White House sometime this fall. Russia did not confirm the alleged invite, however, Russia’s U.S. Ambassador, Anatoly Antonov, said, “Russia was always open to such proposals. We are ready for discussions on this subject.”

The controversy surrounding Trump’s Helsinki meeting with Putin where media outrage suggested that Trump “committed treason” has given Democrats a new platform to attack the President with. It is clear, that although most normal Americans simply don’t care about the Russia narrative, they plan to continue wasting campaign time and energy on the matter. They’ve even attempted to subpoena the Helsinki Russian translator and they’ve introduced a new omnibus bill that aims to cut down on Russia election meddling and “hostility.”

Election meddling via Russia, as well as the United States, has been going on for decades. The fact that the media is newly outraged by any of this is more confirmation that many media outlets are anti-Trump before anything else. The Russian meddling amounts to super PAC behavior that funded some blog posts on Facebook.

Facebook now has a confirmation process that verifies an ad buyers I.D. and home address. The intention of the new confirmation process is to curb instances of Russians, or foreign nations, from running political leaning content across Facebook’s network.

In many ways, the move by Facebook is the extent of reaction deserved in this matter. In other words, beyond the United State’s intelligence over such matters continuing to evolve, there’s not much to see here anymore.

Democrats seem to riding the Russia wave into the mid-terms, something that is likely to fail. The Russia matter has been driven into the ground, most people are numb to the outrage.

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Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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