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AR-15 Treated With RF85 Uses No Oil Or Lubricant


AR-15 Treated With RF85 Uses No Oil Or Lubricant

Imagine a world with an AR-15 that doesn’t require the use of oil or lubricant. When it comes to the best SHTF gun, that could be a rather big benefit, depending on the circumstances. An extensive SHTF scenario could find you without a great many modern comforts, including oils and lubricants. End up firing enough rounds through your SHTF AR-15, and you might end up with problems. As AR-15 owners, I think we all know the value in taking care of our units.

But what if we didn’t have to do so much work? In other words, what if we never had to apply oil to our AR-15? For some of us, the act of oil her up is sort of therapeutic and fun. That can’t be disregarded. But in technical terms, could a rifle treated with what’s known as RF85, which voids the need for oil treatments on the rifle, be a breakthrough technology?

This largely sounds like the grandiose assertions of myth. But in fact, this is all reality. And it is pretty cool stuff to know about, even if you choose not to consider it into the equation when you go to buy your first, second or fifth, AR-15.

What Is RF85 Technology?

To better understand if an RF85 treated AR-15 is right for you, you should better understand what the treatment technology actually is. In technical terms, its Isotropic Nanotechnology which serves to help lower the amount of friction experienced by metals. According to the creator’s statistics, it reduces unlubricated metal friction by 85%.

Isotropic Nanotechnology, or RF85, isn’t exclusively used on rifles. It is also used in race cars, on bearings, with cutting tools, drive trains, molding and so many other things. For race cars, RF85 can help the back of the car become resilient to wind. It reduces grind placed on parts. It can overhaul the car’s performance from a technology standpoint. In the end, this could end up saving the race team a lot of money by allowing them to use parts for a longer duration of time.

When it comes to rifles and AR-15’s, tests have shown that rifles sans RF85 treatment take 23% longer to cycle. This is because oil tends to collect dirt, something anyone who has ever fired extensively in arid, desert conditions, knows full well. When you use RF85, your rifle should be 25% faster. Now the web is reacting and groups of gun owners are putting the bold statements to actual real-life tests. Yep, they are firing thousands of rounds through these pre-treated AR-15’s. Because, of course they are. That’s the only way we can ever learn the truth!

Before we get to an actual test, here’s a solid RF85 explanation. I would encourage everyone to watch this video because I think it really helps to break down what we are talking about.

For the record, you’d have to buy your parts or AR-15 pretreated, you can’t add on the treatment following the purchase (at least that’s my understanding). Though, there are savvier people than me out there so who knows!

Now, for the fun stuff. Let’s watch some rounds get fired through an Anderson AR-15 RF85 treated rifle! These guys put it through a “torture test” to once and for all learn if RF85 is the real deal or just a new AR-15 buzzword that can tact several hundred dollars on to the cost of your rifle.

So what do you think? Is RF85 the future of metals used in our rifles? Or is this just another expense that isn’t necessary? Oiling our units isn’t exactly a consuming task. But if the value goes beyond just that trivial matter, it could really inspire a new wave of more efficient AR-15s.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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