Arizona Man Claims Chemtrail Poisoning Led To Sickness

Chemtrail Poisoning Case?

When an Arizona resident began feeling sick frequently, he got curious as to if the cause might be found in a blood test. So Alan Di Cicco has his blood tested for the heavy metals, Aluminum, and Barium. The test also included a variety of lesser known toxic metals. Di Cicco blames chemtrail poisoning, something he says is happening daily in the skies above his home in Arizona.

It turned out that Di Cicco’s levels, according to his claims in a Youtube video, were 1500% higher than the normal levels. This sent Di Cicco on the trail looking for “why” he’d have such abnormal levels of toxic metals in his blood. He eventually comes to the conclusion that weather modification, geoengineering or chemtrails (depending on the term you’re comfortable with) played a role.

Back in 2009, KSLA News confirmed that chemtrails do contain 3 times the toxic level of Barium. Does this mean chemtrail poisoning is confirmed, even if accidentally, by mainstream media?

The Louisiana¬†Department of Environmental Quality confirmed that the Barium levels were very “unusual.” But, they also said proving the source would be difficult. In other words, Di Cicco’s claim that the chemtrails and his bloodwork couldn’t be confirmed as having a relationship.

So what do we say about Di Cicco’s claims? Watch for yourself.

Barium, at high levels in the short term, can cause stomach and chest pains. Long term issues could include a compromised immune system. This lends credence to the idea of the symptoms chemtrail poisoning being a reality.

So how many of our ailments are caused by the skies above us? Is weather modification linked to our poor health? Because we refuse to offer up any funding and because the public has been convinced that “chemtrails” is a wild, lunacy conspiracy theory, finding such answers has proven extremely difficult.

We live in a society where environmental pollutions, overmedicating and processed food addictions are a cold reality. All of them are likely contributing to our declining health profiles. And sadly, we seemingly aren’t aware enough to try to better ourselves by fighting the powers that be. We’ve been herded and led to believe that all these toxic attributes in our lives are needed. We rely on the government because the government knows that our reliance is also our subjugation.

The air we breathe, the food we eat, what we are injected with and what we swallow are all influencers into our greater body of health. If we are subjects of bad information, it only stacks the deck against us.

Pharmaceutical companies have drugged us out of our minds. SSRI medications have created a zombie atmosphere. Medications like Ritalin enslave our kids early. We willingly become robotic extensions of a huge profiteering machine. Being complicit, we are creating enormous health challenges not only for us but for our offspring. Kids being given Ritalin at such a young age will be forever changed. And they will also believe that every issue and ailment requires a pharmaceutical concoction to resolve, further lining the pockets of the powers that be.

Are we going to someday be wise enough to see through it all? To fight for what is right? To begin rejecting it? Do we truly want the air we and our children breathe to be clean and without toxins? If we do, we have a lot of challenges to overcome.

We will need to fear “conspiracy theory” labels less and get involved more. We may need to learn the art of homeschooling our children to protect them. We need to be prepared for the worst so that we are more comfortable with the present.

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Author: Jim Satney

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