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Arkansas Homeschool Laws


Arkansas Homeschool Laws

Learning the essential Arkansas homeschool laws is one of the first steps for homeschooling in Arkansas. It is always pertinent to understand all the laws and regulations before pulling your child from the public school system. You should also understand Arkansas homeschool laws before setting up your homeschool curriculum. For general information about homeschooling, please visit our How To Homeschool guide.

Arkansas Homeschool Laws

Kids between the ages of 5 and 17 must attend school under the Arkansas compulsory attendance laws. In order to homeschool in Arkansas, a parent must write to the district superintendents prior to either the fall or spring school sessions. To remove your child from the public school system prior to the fall year, your letter to the superintendent must arrive prior to August 15th. For spring, your letter to the superintendent must arrive prior to December 15th. To pull your child at any other date during the school year, 14 days of advance written notice to the superintendent must be given.

The pertinent information that needs to be included on your letter is as follows:

  • Full Name
  • Birth Date
  • Previous School Enrolled At
  • The Address Of Homeschool
  • An Outline Of Homeschool Curriculum (essentially, the subjects covered)
  • The Homeschool Schedule
  • The Parent/Teacher’s Qualifications

Homeschooling in Arkansas is a popular option for parents who prefer to take their child’s education in their own hands. Arkansas’s Act 635 should be referrenced for further legal direction over the matter.

Arkansas Homeschool Students Interscholastic Activities

Act 592 says that Arkansas homeschool students can participate in Interscholastic Activities that occur in their current school district. If they’d like to participate in Interscholastic Activities outside of their district, but still in the state of Arkansas, the district school must agree to allow them.

Partial Course Enrollment For Arkansas Homeschool Kids

Act 173 allows Arkansas homeschool students to participate in partial classes at their district’s schools. In other words, an Arkansas homeschool child could enroll only in a math course at the school.

Arkansas Homeschool Vaccine Laws

Vaccine record keeping and submission are only required by private and public schools. You do not need to vaccinate your child to homeschool in Arkansas. This is good news for Arkansas homeschool parents who might be choosing to homeschool to avoid vaccine requirements.


Arkansas Homeschool laws are relatively relaxed, for all intents and purposes. Please make sure you read all the state laws for further clarity. It is always important to stay informed and go directly to the sources.

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