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Armed Swat Team Forcibly Removes Child After Doctor Reports Parents

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Armed Swat Team Forcibly Removes Child After Doctor Reports Parents

An Arizona police department is under scrutiny today after newly released video shows officers forcibly removing a child. The child had a fever of 105 degrees and had recently visited a naturopathic doctor. The doctor reported the parents to Arizona’s Department of Child Safety.

The saga began on February 25th when parents took their two-year-old, unvaccinated child, to a naturopathic doctor. The child’s fever sparked concern with the doctor, who advised the parents to take the child to an emergency room. According to Phoenix ABC affiliate KNXV, the child’s fever subsided and the mother decided against an emergency room visit. The child was instead taken back home to Chandler.

However, the doctor later followed up with Cardon Children’s Hospital and learned that the child was never admitted. She then contacted the Chandler Police Department and DCS.

The police then contacted the dad, Brooks Bryce, telling him there was a matter complicating his next welfare check. Bryce refused to comply with the officers’ request. Later that night, officers came to the family’s door at 10:24 PM and commanding they open the door. The parents refused to follow officer orders. Officers claim they could hear the child having coughing fits.

The officers then broke down the door, forcibly removing the child, due to what the report says was a “possible life-threatening illness.” The parents were not arrested for a crime. The grandparents have been granted temporary custody of all three children. Arizona DCS refused to comment when requested by ABC.

The dash cam footage of the child’s removal is as dramatic as any you’ll ever see. The officers are decked out in tactical gear with guns waving in the air. Arizona House Rep. Kelly Townsend has taken notice, calling out the DCS for an “an abuse of power.”

“I think we need to re-think where we draw the line when it comes to disagreements between doctors and parents and what level we’re going to go to to keep the child safe,” Townsend said.

Townsend believes the parents made a correct decision seeing the child’s fever subsided. The child’s fever “was no longer at the level that warranted an intrusive test that could be danger,” Townsend continued.

Beck’s attorney, Nicholas Boca, released a statement.

“The removal of Sarah Beck’s Children by busting in her door with guns drawn in the middle of the night was clearly unnecessary and well beyond ‘reasonable force.”

“Sarah has a fundamental, Constitutionally protected right to the care, custody, and management of her Children,” the statement read. “These rights do not evaporate simply because the Department of Child Safety believes they know better.”

Author: Jim Satney

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