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Aspen Residents Battle ‘Barrage of 5G Towers’

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Aspen Residents Battle ‘Barrage of 5G Towers’

Many residents in one of America’s most prolific winter tourist destinations are concerned that 5G towers may pose a risk to human health. A group of citizens is requesting that the Aspen City Council look into 5G health risks before allowing a large number of network towers to be installed across the town.

Tom Lankering, a local chiropractor, is leading an effort to have the council extend its due diligence into any risk that may be posed to residents.

“That is the biggest issue we are talking about now, is that there are no safety studies,” Lankering said, via the Aspen Daily News.

Aspen is now prepping to install the towers, the pervasive feeling being that the higher speeds will be well-received by heavy tourism. But the city’s staff has also attempted to keep the number of towers down. The issue? A 1997 piece of legislation that strips local governments of their right to regulate wireless towers, particularly for health concerns. Of course, such legislation appears from the outside to be draconian in nature.

“I’m sure this has been relayed to you by all of us that we feel our hands are tied by the FCC and other regulations,” Councilman Ward Hauenstein said in response to the public comment.

“That is only part of the misinformation that has been put out,” Lankering said.

Lankering’s implication is that other communities have found ways to throttle or even stop 5G tower installations. He also believes that a growing movement to overturn the legislation in questioned, titled, repeal HB 17-1193, is in the works. Lankering believes a new safety study should be deployed before any towers are installed in the area.

“Electromagnetic radiation is devastating, it’s destructive and destroys brains,” Lankering said, invoking fears of dementia, alzheimers and cancers, as well as social health effects and depression.

With 5G, more towers are needed due to the radio waves traveling less distance than its predecessors. This means a heavier density of towers installed all over cities around America and the world. There’s a global 5G technology race happening and pressure from the federal government on smaller communities to take the 5G dive is immense.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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