Astronomers Say Solar Threat Will Boil Earth

solar threat

As if we needed anymore bad news these days, astronomers announced that at some point in the distant future, the sun burn up our earth. And yes, that means our planet won’t be liveable.

While its not SHTF just yet, these astronomers’ revelations remains rather startling.

As we know, the sun makes life on earth possible. But the sun is nearly halfway through it’s time. This gives the sun approximately 4.5 billion years until it will begin to meet its demise. And this is where things get rough for earth.

As the sun runs out of fuel, it will become more our foe than friend. As the sun begins to die, it will run out of hydrogen. This will cause the sun to expand while it cools down. This process will result in a sun 2,000 times larger than its current state.

As the sun’s expansion proceeds, it will swallow Mercury and Venus. While sun won’t swallow the earth, its massive scale will emanate unforgivable heating. The earth, consequently, can’t survive in such conditions.

Kelly Whitt of said: “Our planet’s water and atmosphere will boil away, leaving nothing behind but a charred, lifeless rock.

“Mars will take a while to heat up, but, eventually, Mars will be outside the habitable zone for humans, too.

“At that point, the moons of the outer planets – like Jupiter and Saturn – will be the only places left in our solar system for human colonies.”

And its worse than that. The new dying sun’s gravitational pull will become compromised, countering Jupiter and Saturn’s current orbits. This could cause calamity for those planets.

Don’t worry too much, this is a long time away. Much longer than our lifetimes or even our grand kids lifetimes. But that doesn’t make the news any less unsettling. It serves as a reminder that life is a temporary contract with the universe.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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