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AT3 LEOS Red Dot Sight Review

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AT3 LEOS Red Dot Sight Review

For many people, looking for the best budget AR-15 Optics is a pretty stressful undertaking. As we all know with any budget buy, the manufacturer is saving money somewhere, which is fine and reasonable, however, it’s “where” they save the money that matters most.

at3 leos reviewBy purchasing a budget tactical scope like we feature in today’s AT3 LEOS Red Dot Sight review, you aren’t buying a top-shelf experience. However, you aren’t doing too bad, either, particularly when we consider that saving money factors in heavily to the debate. The AT3 LEOS Red Dot sight can often be purchased for around the $120 mark, which makes it a clear budget option.

This is a good budget optic. If you are in the sub-$200 range, I think you are better off going with the Vortex Strikefire 2, however, if you are strictly in need of saving money, the AT3 LEOS Red Dot Sight will get the job done and I think you will enjoy it.


at3 leos red dot laser

The AT3 LEOS comes with both a red laser and 2 MOA red dot. The battery life is listed at 50k hours on the maximum side, which, I’m sure means the absolute lowest brightness settings (because, of course). It uses a CR123A. It comes with a riser mount housing. It claims to allow you to adjust it for wind and elevation situations. You can use it for .223, shotguns, and possibly larger. Remember, durability is effected largely by your rifle’s recoil and sometimes saving money ends up costing you more. Clearly, putting this on a .22 isn’t going to do much harm. I’d trust it on a .223 AR-15, as well. Beyond that, things could get questionable.

This is a fog-proof and waterproof optic as it is nitrogen purged. You’ll be able to co-witness your iron sites in the lower third of the glass view. That’s something I really like and I think is essential. If the battery dies, you have a way to revert to iron sights without removing the AT3 LEOS completely.

In terms of looks, the AT3 LEOS red dot is a decent looking optic. It has a black matte finish on it and two flip-up lids. It’s somewhat similar to the Vortex Strikefire 2, but not as sharp or clean. The buttons are in decent positions on the left side. So you can make adjustments to the unit pretty fast.

The AT3 LEOS lens is 1x30mm. It weighs a modest 8.3 ounces. This is a tactical lense that would be great for home defense, but also useful in hunting. Its Parallax free for 25 yards, making nearer target acquisition pretty outstanding. You can add a magnifier if need be, so you aren’t stuck with the 30mm.

So long as you have Picatinny rails, you’ll have no problem mounting it and sighting it in isn’t a bad experience either. When you hold it, it feels durable and high-quality. I’ve fired it from my Smith and Wesson MP Sport 2, and it is fine there. But I’ve never tested it on a .308 or higher. I’m not sure I’d trust it that much higher, but, many people do as you can see from the Amazon reviews here.

Budget certainly matters and this is a great buy at a lower price. You can find other good deals on my budget AR-15 optics list. If you have a strict budget, I think this AT3 LEOS Red Dot Sight review might just have hit the spot for you. It’s not as if you are stuck with it forever, if your budget ever increases, you will know more of what you want having used this budget experience. It’s good stuff.


Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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