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Atlanta Police Dispute CDC’s Account Over Missing Employee’s Evidence

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Atlanta Police Dispute CDC’s Account Over Missing Employee’s Evidence

It has been over a month since CDC employee, Timothy Cunningham, seemingly disappeared into thin air. His keys, wallet, and belongings were all found by his parents at his Atlanta residence. Cunningham wasn’t said to have been upset, though he did leave the CDC’s Atlanta offices on the day of his disappearance claiming to have felt sick.

Now the CDC is seemingly at odds with Atlanta police over some of the details surrounding Cunningham’s disappearance. The CDC is now refuting a claim made by police that said Cunningham was recently denied a promotion at the CDC.

On Monday, the CDC released a statement regarding the matter where they strongly refuted the claim’s authenticity.

“There has been news coverage that Commander Cunningham recently did not receive a promotion,” the statement reads. “As many of his colleagues in the USPHS have pointed out, this information is incorrect.

“In fact, he received an early promotion/exceptional proficiency promotion to Commander effective July 1, 2017, in recognition of his exemplary performance in the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS),” the statement continues. “Over and above any of his assignments at CDC, his early promotion within the USPHS reflects his excellence as an officer and an employee.”

Atlanta police previously claimed Cunningham was denied the promotion, leading some to surmise Cunningham may have felt depressed, which potentially may have contributed to his strange disappearance. Cunningham worked on several pandemic survival responses (potential), including Zika and Ebola.

What’s further odd is that the Atlanta police aren’t backing down from their original claim. They released their own statement as a response to the CDC’s refutation.

“We stand behind every statement the Atlanta Police Department made about Dr. Cunningham’s employment, as our information came directly from the CDC,” Sgt. John Chafee with the Atlanta Police Department said in a statement. “Any further questions about Dr. Cunningham’s employment, or this statement issued by the CDC today, would need to be answered by the CDC.”

Cunningham disappeared after leaving the CDC offices on February 12th. He claimed he felt sick as he was leaving. His family drove throughout the night from Maryland to Atlanta and after entering his residence found his keys and wallet. They even discovered his dog, a pet they claim he’d have never intentionally left for long periods of time.

The CDC and the Atlanta police not being on the same page is certainly good reason to be concerned with the overall investigation into where Cunningham may be currently and if he’s still alive. This latest revelation of discord in the investigation lends itself to further scrutiny by those who feel a potential conspiracy is at play. There are simply no valid potential reasons as to why Cunningham would simply disappear into thin air. Furthermore, there is no decent supporting evidence that he was taken against his will. Clearly, his family is frustrated and as you can imagine, this new dispute between involved agencies can’t be comforting.

“I have been trying my best to go through daily activities such as work without getting distracted,” she told ABC News via text. “But no one can really prepare you for seeing your face or your brother’s face on the news while at work.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the investigation has made any real headway into the mystery unless they aren’t disclosing leads (this is possible).

The CDC claims they aren’t giving up their efforts to help locate Cunningham, however, with each passing day the outlook becomes more dismal. The Atlanta Police department would like anyone with potential leads on Cunningham’s disappearance to call 404-546-4235.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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