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Aurora Cannabis Announces Exports To Italy

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Aurora Cannabis Announces Exports To Italy

Aurora Cannabis is among an elite group of three or four big global marijuana corporations. Aurora has received a great deal of attention due to being listed as one of the best marijuana stocks to buy into early. And now Aurora is making more moves to hopefully solidify themselves as the number one cannabis producer following a potential Canadian marijuana legalization legislation.

Aurora has revealed its first verified export to Italy. Aurora’s product was shipped through their German subsidiary, Pendianos GmbH.

“The Italian government has entrusted Aurora as the only direct, foreign non-government supplier to the Department of Defense in response to its first ever public tender to help support the growing demand on its strictly-regulated medical cannabis program,” said Terry Booth, CEO.

“The amount of growth that’s going on internationally demands that you have a war chest. And you know, I was talking, just the presentation this morning where every quarter I’d say we’ll be cash flow positive, I would think we’ll be. But it’s not because we’re losing money, it’s because we’re spending money, and we’re spending money on that growth. If they keep coming at us as fast as they have with the international opportunities, like Germany and Denmark and Colombia and Uruguay, well, then, we’re going to have to deploy,” he stated a year ago.

Italy is a prime place for international cannabis companies to seek ties with, they’ve been moving towards full legalization now for a few years. Rivals Aphia inc. and Canopy Growth corp have also asserted their own European ambitions, Italy included. As cannabis becomes more accepted and legal across the globe, an “arms race” to supply those countries with product is brewing, particularly with Canadian marijuana companies.

Author: Jim Satney

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