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Australia To Jail Anti-Vaccine Nurses

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Australia To Jail Anti-Vaccine Nurses

In Australia, the vaccine debate is at the forefront of a great many dinner table discussions. “No jab, no pay,” as it is coined by both the people and the Government, is a controversial method used by the Australian government to “entice” or “force” families who rely on government subsidy to vaccinate their children. For many families, not receiving government funding could land them in dire straights leaving vaccinating as the only realistic option.

Of course, relying on the government for anything always leads the people directly into enslavement. This is a prepper website, you’d have to expect that’d be our take on things.

The situation is worse for nurses and midwives in Australia, who could be jailed for speaking against Australia’s vaccine standards. In other words, being against vaccines in any way could land you in jail if you are a medical professional.

“The board expects all registered nurses, enrolled nurses and midwives to use the best available evidence in making practice decisions.”

Additionally, the statement encourages members of society to report nurses or midwives who do speak against vaccines. This is strongly reminiscent of NAZI Germany where neighbors were encouraged to turn over German families who secretly housed Jews.

“The board will consider whether the nurse or midwife has breached their professional obligations and will treat these matters seriously,” the statement said.

This is an extremely dangerous position no matter what your feelings may or may not be regarding vaccines. Science is never a matter of fact; it is an ongoing exploration; until it isn’t. And that’s the case in Australia. Vaccines will now be forever coveted as solved and settled. New vaccines will be released into the masses, but so long as the law states that the science is settled, the vaccine’s safety can’t be challenged. This is a huge hole that can now allow medications to be compromised and never held to any public standard.

This is terrible for science and even worse for medicine. This is forced dogma, a far cry from the foundation of science. We simply can’t jail people for having contrarian opinions.

Will all pharmaceuticals fall under such reigns? What about ADHD drugs for children that have notably harmed? Statin drugs were deemed unsafe recently. What if people had never challenged antibiotic safety? This list could go on and on. The fact is, no science is ever settled. Making it illegal to question science is the worst of all slippery slopes. That’s the path to complete and total subjugation of the masses. And in Australia, that’s exactly where they are headed.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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