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Australia Arrest Arsonists In Connection With Massive Wildfires

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Australia Arrest Arsonists In Connection With Massive Wildfires

As the Australian wildfires continue to burn at an astounding rate across the continent, the divisive subject of climate change continues to be at the center of many media stories. Many mainstream media outlets blame human-caused climate change on the devastating fires. But alas, it seems there may be more to the story. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to discover any narratives that take positions away from climate change as the cause.

Australian officials now say that 24 arsonists associated with the blazes have been arrested in connection with the wildfires. And officials say that they’ve taken legal action against another 183 people for fire-related offenses (source).

New South Wales Police are asking the public to provide as much cell phone and camera footage as possible. The hope is to collect further evidence against current suspects and potentially find more arsonists. 

NSW Minister for Police and Emergency Services David Elliot, taking a jab at Southern California, said, “community and the government has a right to be outraged. We are not living in South Central L.A., we don’t live in Syria, we don’t do this to each other. This is the South Coast of New South Wales.”

Arsonists are often believed to be recognition seekers, typically reporting their own fires. Most are considered mentally ill. Stopping the crime of arson is a difficult task, particularly in a country with so much barren landscape as Australia.

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It is unfortunate that media coverage of tragic events encourages a polarizing position. People in Australia continue to lose their life-savings, all the while mainstream media coverage focuses on pushing a climate change agenda. At the Golden Globes, Joaquin Phoenix slighted fellow actor, Leonardo DiCaprio and others for their use of private jets to get to climate change summits. Former President Obama, pop star Katy Perry, and the British Royals have all been accused of egregiously using private jets to fly to climate change events and more. Phoenix’s speech appropriately noted the utter hypocrisy that comes along with shoving an agenda down people’s throats.

But today, that elitist rhetoric is more insulting than it is hypocritical. As the Australian continent burns, homes and lives go with it. No one cares about actors living in the lap of luxury.

Since September, the Australian fires have burned1482 homes and killed nearly half a billion animals. 

Although precipitation has increased over some areas, the fires continue to expand at an impressive, terrifying rate.


Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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