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Award Winning Climate Change Researcher Slams Media


Award Winning Climate Change Researcher Slams Media

If you read or watch any news whatsoever, you are probably under the impression that we are all simply living out our final days until the earth either unleashes the seas of death on our coastal cities or bakes us via the evil sun. Or freezes us to death during winter. The list of fear mongering narratives by mainstream media pushing climate change notions is too long to list them all. And while I certainly do think there is some geoengineering at play in the world, as well as believe that humans do, of course, contribute to some climate alterations, I do think that the media is complicit in completely lying. That’s no surprise, all things considered.

The height of their soul-sucking reporting over climate change was likely when President Trump pulled us out of the Paris Agreement (an agreement that operates simply on the honor system, because that’s a good idea considering that world governments consistently break monitored laws).

Well, as it turns out, a top climate scientist agrees that the media system is rigged to lie about climate change as a way to support liberal agenda. And he’s slamming the media conglomerates with fast and furious condemnation on Twitter. If you believed all the media fear-mongering, you’d already strapped on your bug out bag and hit the road, honestly.

Roger Pielke Jr. is a climate expert. He studies climate change trends in an unbiased manner. And he’s now slamming the New York Times and a group of others who suggest that climate change is being caused in the way they consistently pitch it. He says they are essentially lying about a new report published from the National Climate Assessment (NCA).

And I mean, he’s mad. Very mad.

roger pielke climate change

He especially is upset by their interpretation of hurricane data in conjunction with climate change.

roger pielke climate change

So what about quantifying good old tornadoes with climate change as liberals just love to do? He’s not thrilled about that, either, and he’s of course, got data to back up his side of the story. He’s also mentioning their perspective on droughts, just for good measure. Remember, droughts have been connected to geoengineering.

roger pielke climate change

roger pielke climate change

So then, how culpable is the media in pushing the notion that man-made climate change is destroying us? Very, actually, and it consistently effects our policy. The government consistently pushes for more and more control over the herd by creating climate change driven policies. Most of these policies likely benefit geoengineering companies seeking to create products which the government will force the herd to use. In some cases, products such as solar panels are a good and viable prepper solution. But climate change, as an issue, is out of control. People who even question climate change are lumped into the “climate denier” group and cast out from the rest of society.

President Trump has long been condemned for questioning climate change. The herd, liberal media, and those in the Democratic party have often lashed out at him regarding the matter. When it comes to climate change, there is a lot of money on the line. Often time, climate change encourages weather manipulation, job losses, and unneeded expenses on the American family.

Think Pielke is just some smuck? Think again. He was given the Eduard Brückner Prize in Munich for outstanding achievement in interdisciplinary climate research. I’d say he is a rather qualified voice in the matter. However, expect an extreme backlash from the indoctrinated herd.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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