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Bayer Paid Millions To Doctors To Potentially Prescribe Birth Control Device

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Bayer Paid Millions To Doctors To Potentially Prescribe Birth Control Device

Pharmaceutical company Bayer, popularly known for their over the counter headache medicines, is now being exposed for potentially paying doctors to recommend their birth control option.

Essure is a birth control solution that blocks sperm by way of an implant in a woman’s fallopian tubes. Bayer’s solution, however, has been under consumer criticism since its original FDA approval in 2002.

The inserted device has been linked to side effects such as back pain, device expulsion, pelvic pain, vaginal bleeding, and even fainting.

In CNN’s investigative report, one woman named Christina Potts says that she was forced into a hysterectomy, removing her uterus, just to get rid of the Essure device. Last week, the FDA issued warnings regarding Essure’s safety record. As a result, Bayer announced that Essure would be pulled from the market by year’s end.

The situation is worsed, however, when people in Potts’ position are left to wonder if their doctor accepted bribes from Bayer as an incentive to prescribe Essure as the preferred birth control solution.

A CNN analysis has revealed that from August of 2013 to December of 2017, $2.5 million dollars exchanged hands from Bayer Pharmaceuticals to doctors. The money was exchanged under the guise of doctors acquiring consulting services from Bayer. But the question remains, did the over 11,000 doctors who accepted money from Bayer do so as an incentive to prescribe a medical procedure that’s now widely condemned by both the public and the FDA?

Dr. Cindy Basinski is exposed by CNN’s investigative report as having accepted $168,068 from Bayer. The database CNN used to unveil the tragic lapse in medical morality doesn’t go back far enough to see how much Basinki accepted from Bayer in her lifetime.

Basinski tends to suffer from memory loss in the years prior to the database being active.

“I will tell you that my best guess is that early on it was very minimal, $5,000 to $7,000 a year,” she said to CNN.

Incredibly, the story gets more ludicrous when you consider that Basinski tells CNN that she will continue to prescribe Essure until the product is officially off the market.

You are probably wondering if doctors accepting payments from pharmaceutical companies is legal. The fact is, Basinski and her other 11,000 cohorts have broken no laws. But that doesn’t mean we can’t deeply question their motives and publically oust them for their deceptive actions.

Baskinski claims she wasn’t influenced in the slightest by Bayer’s six figure “consulting fees.”

However, one truly has to question the character of a medical professional that would continue to prescribe a medical procedure that the FDA has an active condemnation on and the manufacturer has issued a product termination.

This is another terrible example of a for-profit medical atmosphere gone gravely wrong. Doctors getting rich to prescribe harmful medical procedures to the general public, a public that relies on their expertise and trust, is a disgrace.

We should take no issue with doctors making money. We need the best and the brightest working for us in such capacities. But bribery is beyond the pale of such comparison. This is also more fodder for those who consistently preach a distrust of pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals.

While more government regulation into the relationships between doctors and pharmaceutical companies would likely end poorly, it might be time to force doctors to disclose all of their financial (and otherwise) relationships with pharmaceutical companies to the patient.

Essure was originally developed by Conceptus Inc. Bayer AG, Bayer’s German entity, acquired Essure in 2013.


Author: Jim Satney

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