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The Ultimate Fidget Spinner Guide For Parents


The Ultimate Fidget Spinner Guide For Parents

One of the biggest new products of 2017 are fidget spinners. With so many consumers looking to purchase a fidget spinner, the competition has heated up and fidget spinners have become a bit unequal. Heck, they are now selling versions of fidget spinners at surf shops. I’m really not sure what a fidget spinner has to do with surfing, so that should tell you a great deal about the “demand” factor.

What Are Fidget Spinners?

Well, for starters, they are marketed towards people with ADD and ADHD. They can spin in your hand for around two minutes if you get the hang of them. When people get good at them, they can do odd tricks with them, like balance them on pens or experiment with them in liquid nitrogen.

Many schools have taken the path of banning these “toys.” So that’s something a parent should consider before purchasing one for their child. They’ve also been at the center of some controversy, with claims they can cause injury to children. This mom claims her daughter suffered a fidget spinner injury.

I think like anything that grows in popularity, parental monitoring is key. Considering millions of fidget spinners have already been sold, the few reported injuries seem more par for the course than an epidemic. And really, most are just misuse or random issues.

Do Fidget Spinners Work?

Many parents claim that fidget spinners most certainly do work. And some can be downright defensive over the matter. There have been cases of preachy parents shaming moms and dads who have opted to buy their children fidget spinners, claiming they dont’ work and distract them from school and other more enlightening activities.

Apparently, however, there is some science behind the fidget spinner’s effectiveness. There is even a book called Fidget To Focus – Outwit Your Boredom: Sensory Strategies For Living With ADD, written by Roland Rotz and Sarah D. Wright.

In 2009, Time Magazine ran a piece citing the value of doodling while thinking. It cited studies that showed doodling while thinking helped increase focus in people. That’s what the fidget spinner is born from. It also showed that doodling aided memory function.

Here are some of the best fidget spinner reviews. I purposely left off the really bad ones. These things are so cheap it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to include the cellar dwellers.

Fidget Spinner High Speed Tri-Spinner

This is one of the highest rated fidget spinners on Amazon. It is known as durable, the caps don’t seem to fall off like how some reportedly do. Its made of a hybrid ceramic.

People report to get about 1 minute and 38 seconds of spin time right after taking it from the box. Its a quiet fidget spinner that’s not annoying to the household. Its affordable. Its the top fidget spinner option.

I’m not sure I’d overthink it and go much beyond this. It is a low price product that’s highly reviewed. Click here to purchase.

Antimi Hand Spinner Toy

fidget spinner reviews

The Antimi Hand Spinner is the second most popular fidget spinner on the market. The manufacturer claims, like every other fidget spinner maker, that it will help relieve stress and they guarantee 1 minute’s worth of “spin time.”

It comes in blue, gold, white, black. Most customers are super happy with it. The Antimi Hand Spinner Toy cost more than the Fidget Spinner High Speed Tri-Spinner, but it does seem to be made from higher quality. Less complaints of them breaking. Many parents opted for this version after prior fidget spinners brok. Nothing worse than having a ticked off kid with a broken fidget spinner!  Click here to purchase.

KASST Fidget Spinner Toy

best fidget spinners

This is an average priced fidget spinner supposedly built to deliver smoother spins, therebye increasing the spin time. Its small and discreet build allows kids to carry them in their pockets. It is made from plastic, but most parents consider it to be very well-made and durable. The quality of spins, however, hasn’t lived up to the expectations of many parents. It doesn’t sound like a great buy considering you can get better reviewed spinners above for the same price. Click here to buy and see other reviews.

Sunrisetop Fidget Hand Spinner

fidget spinner reviews

This is the cheapest of all the fidget spinners I’ve put on our fidget spinner review list. They offer 34 varying types of camoflage color. It has 3 stars on Amazon, the lowest ranking I’ll put on this site. It cost half the price of the others, but it simply isn’t as good. Its considered loud and annoying to those around it (parents, really think about this for a second!). It also is said to spin for less time. Click here to purchase on Amazon or read other reviews.

Fidget Spinners are all over the news these days. Kids freaking want them. It is unavoidable that a parent will be asked about them. At least now you know what’s up with them! If anymore good fidget spinners come out, we will for sure update the page.


Fidget spinners come in all types of colors and design types. They are designed to relieve stress and help kids with focus. After using one, I can see how a fidget spinner might just do that. I think eating on a healthy diet, exercising and learnign solid stress coping skills is best, but if this can help to ease the mental anguish of a child even a little, I suppose its worth it.




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