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The Top Marijuana Stocks Investors Are Buying Up

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The Top Marijuana Stocks Investors Are Buying Up

If you are like me, you have a lot of regrets in terms of “investments you wish you’d have made.” Well, no one has a crystal ball. That’s just how life works. The only thing we can do going forward is to pay a little more attention whenever something pops up as a possible future investment. Part of prepping is financial investment, so don’t for a second slack in that arena just because it isn’t a “doomsday” issue.

The latest growing (or budding) trend is marijuana stocks. Why would that be? I think much of this is obvious. Marijuana legalization pushes, activism, legislations and general positive sentiments are firing on all cylinders right now. Because of this, many people think that, just like computers, processor chips, and online properties, marijuana is a perfect investor storm. In other words, many feel that by investing now, they may reap rewards and spoils down the line.

Are Marijuana Stocks A Good Investment?

I’m going to be as blunt with you as possible. Just like cryptocurrency investing, marijuana stock purchases are still a risky business no matter how much our general sentiment over the issue has evolved and no matter how many pieces of pro-pot legislation have been introduced worldwide.

Full disclosure: I’ve purchased a number of marijuana stocks. I have no incentive to push anyone else into the space, that’s not my goal. Instead, my goal is to give you the tools to start figuring out if the marijuana stocks are for you.

This article will cover some potential pitfalls, some potential benefits, and some of the most popular marijuana stocks currently in play.

Are Marijuana Stocks Only Canadian?

Nope, there are marijuana companies all over the world. However, newly introduced legislation is likely to pass in Canada this summer (although, delays could push things into fall) that legalizes recreational marijuana. This means you’d be able to go to a slew of stores and purchase marijuana without needing any sort of medical reasoning. In theory, this would move the black market into the

Why Can’t I Find Some Marijuana Stocks To Buy?

best marijuana stocks

Canadian Marijuana companies are set to thrive following the passage of legal recreation use.

Many marijuana stocks are based in Canada. You may see people discussing a Canadian marijuana stock under a symbol that turns up nothing for you in your eTrade or TD Ameritrade account. This is because it has a different symbol for NASDAQ. All stocks I have listed below will have the correct OTC symbol listed for your convenience.

Is This a Marijuana Stock Top List?

Nope. I don’t do that. These two list are in no particular order. You should always consider further investment research before deciding which may be right for you.

Best Marijuana Stocks – The Big Boys

Aurora Cannabis

Aurora Cannabis is as hyped as any Canadian stock there is, and for good reason. These guys and gals are a big mega-cannabis company that stands to benefit greatly from a likely recreational legalization environment. They have enough capital to consistently buy up any competition (which they’ve already done), they are run by outstanding management, and they have a name brand. This is a $3.47 billion dollar cap company, they aren’t small.

Aurora uses Aurora Sky project to produce the vast wealth of their organically grown goods, but they are buying grow fields all over. They have partners as far away as Denmark. Large capital investments into expansion are likely to mean massive volume in sales, which will mean that Aurora will be able to offer extremely low prices on their goods.

Canopy Growth Corp.

For many pot stock investors, Canopy Growth Corp. is the biggest dog of all dogs. Having a market cap of $4.36 billion, they are the largest presence in the Canadian stock game. Both Aurora Cannabis and Canopy Growth stand to be two of the largest players in the cannabis market on a global level. It is likely that Canopy Growth corp., via 600+ thousand square footage, grow infrastructures and millions of square footage in grow lands, has an annual cannabis production of 300k kilograms. That’s massive stuff.

Canopy Growth already has storefronts and online sales setups. Out of the gates, this company will likely see massive volume spikes from legalized marijuana legislation in Canada and beyond.


Aphria is a well-known Canadian cannabis company that also breaches that billion dollar valuation threshold. Having recently purchased Nuuvera as a way to get set for Canadian marijuana legalization, Aphria stands in a pretty darn good spot to benefit from future recreational use.

Aphria can likely produce anywhere from 200k to 300k kilograms of cannabis annually, ranking them as a top global cannabis producer. Aphria also stands to benefit from a variety of worldwide legislations as they are embedded in numerous countries, not just Canada.

GW Pharmaceuticals

GW Pharmaceuticals is deeply invested in the medical marijuana space. Sativex, their mainstay “drug,” has European approval already. They also have drugs under review with the FDA. GW Pharmaceuticals aims to help offer more natural solutions to things such as epilepsy, particularly in children (Epidiolex is that product). If Epidiolex gets approved, they could sell a half a million dollars per year.

In a way, investing in GW Pharmaceuticals is betting on FDA approvals.


Another billion dollar valuation is MedReleaf, a company that’s committed to producing oils and extracts. Here’s the hook with MedReleaf, unlike the bigger cannabis companies, such as Aurora and Canopy Growth, MedReleaf likely can’t produce half the annual cannabis that either of them produces. But, they might outperform them from a profit margin angle due to the increased ROI on oil and extract production. Of the big dogs, this is a soft dark horse. I say “soft” because MedReleaf has certainly garnered massive attention from pot stock investors, but they do tend to float behind the bigger, more ingrained brands like Aurora and Canopy.

Cronos Group

Cronos Group is the first marijuana stock to make it on Broadway. I’m kidding, kind of… Cronos Group being listed on the New York Stock Exchange made this company the first to achieve such a listing from Canada. Its a big deal. Now Aurora may well make it onto the NYSE as well; Cronos has paved the way. Investors, of course, took notice.

Cronos is a massive stakeholder in Original BC and in Peace Naturals, as well as partial stakeholders in Whistler Medical Marijuana. They are invested in marijuana companies of all shapes and sizes. Their market cap is just shy of a billion, which it will likely breach if/when Canadian legalization happens.


Best Marijuana Penny Stocks – Investment Lottery

Cannabis Wheaton Corp

marijuana stocks

marijuana penny stocks, while risky, could pay off in the years to come.

Cannabis Wheaton isn’t a penny stock if we look at market cap where they are near a half a million dollars, however, their share prices, though saturated, make them one. Cannabis Wheaton finances lots of marijuana companies who are looking to scale their businesses. Cannabis Wheaton, for their efforts, often gets a return on investment via production at extremely low cost. They then sell it for big profits.


Unlike a number of the marijuana stocks listed, Hemp inc. is a good ol’ American company. Although headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Hemp Inc. has grow fields in North Carolina. Clearly, being an American company means your going to have to wait out years, maybe even a full decade, of contentious marijuana legislation. But that also means you can probably buy in ultra-cheap.

Hemp Inc. uses hemp to create eco-friendly products. One of their larger aspirations is to replace petroleum-based products. And it gets better. They are attempting to push a product known as DrillWall. This product would help stop fluid loss during drilling of oil wells. When you get into the petroleum and oil game, you are talking billion dollar associations.

Hemp Inc. has a lot of cards stacked against it, mainly that of time and legislation, however, if you are looking for a dark horse and don’t mind waiting things out, Hemp Inc. might be right for you.

Namaste Technologies

Namaste Technology is a Canadian cannabis eCommerce company. Namaste operates 32 different sites in 20 countries. Namaste is a seller of vaporizers. They are now an ACMPR Licensed Producer as of March of 2018. This is one of the most popular marijuana penny stocks around. The company is considered to have outstanding management and a faithful following.

Nutritional High International Inc

Nutritional High International offers consumers cannabis edibles, concentrates and oils. Their stock made headlines after it exploded in early 2018 after announcing a deal with California vendors; however, it fell back to earth after the Toronto Exchange threatened to remove their Canadian exchange status for working with a U.S. vendor where recreational marijuana remained “technically” illegal at the time. The future, however, is likely bright for this marijuana penny stock.

Agritech Holdings Inc.

Another American company that you’ll have to wait out any potential returns on, however, Agritech Holdings Inc. deals in real estate. If we learned anything about the incredible success experienced by McDonald’s, it was the fact that it was real estate holdings, rather than burgers, that held the most value. Agritech Holdings is in the real estate sector of marijuana production, almost in a turnkey way, some might term it. They can provide a potential pot business investor with real estate and even licensing agreements.

Agritech Holdings deals in intellectual/property brands, real estate, and infrastructure needed to create a marijuana business. When/if marijuana becomes a fully-legal experience in the United States, will Agritech Holdings be the entry key for the flood of investors looking to create their own business? Or will most of the marijuana be imported from places like Canada? Not sure, I’m not reading the tea leaves, but this company is definitely worth a look.

Isn’t This Risky?

Both Canadian pot stocks and American pot stocks are littered with risk, these should never be your “main investments.” However, if you aren’t averse to a little risk and don’t mind putting in some hours to research, you might get in early on something that could be the future.


Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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