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When it comes to prepping for that day when you have to potentially bug out, knowledge is king, and you will need the best prepper book to have been read well before this time. And there is no place to get more knowledge than by reading some of the best prepper books around. Don’t assume you’ll never need to survive a crisis. The fact is, a car accident could happen, you could be surrounded by an angry mob, or you could break down in a desolate mountain range while it’s snowing. Being a skilled and knowledgeable prepper isn’t just for those who don’t trust the power grid or our currency system.

It’s for moms and dads who are responsible for little ones. It’s for those who may need to take care of the elderly post-hurricane.

There is no one best prepper book. If you want to get the best prepper education, you likely need to read a few (plus enjoy our website and many others just like ours).

Here is some recommended reading.

Prepper’s Long-Term
Survival Guide
SHTF Prepping SAS Survival
The Prepper’s
Water Survival
The Prepper’s


best prepper bookCatastrophe is a part of life’s cycle. In the Western world, we sometimes live in a bubble that has us placing our guards down. When things go wrong (and they will) we simply won’t be ready. We see issues around the world, such as civil unrest, wars, economic collapses and terrorism and often think it can’t be us. But it can. And it will. Because that’s how life works.

When Katrina hit Louisiana, people in this country were not mentally prepared to see such catastrophe in our own little bubble. But years prior, hurricane Andrew did significant massive scale damage to South Florida. Oklahoma now has earthquakes due to man’s proclivity for fracking.

Man is constantly trying to alter the weather, but the fact is, that is just making things worse. We now have more extreme weather than ever. And there aren’t any indications that things will slow up.

Being prepared is simply a good way to live. The best prepper book money can buy is the one you’ll read. The art of prepping isn’t a difficult learn, it just takes a little bit of action on your part to make it happen. It isn’t a complicated deal.

How antifragile are you?

If the economy crashed today, would you have access to cash? Remember, you can’t just go to an ATM machine, the banks will shut them all down to prevent a massive withdrawal of cash.

Do you know how to both purify and filter your water? Important stuff if there happens to be a natural disaster and sewage infects the water supply. Do you have enough bottled waters on hand? What about food rations such as canned foods or prepper foods?

Could you get out of a sinking car safely with your child? Do you understand how to homeschool?

The best prepper book should be a book that teaches you about every facet of prepping. Prepping isn’t just for the end of the world, it is for everyday real situations that people are confronted with all the time. People with prior knowledge are the ones who are able to endure and survive a crisis situation.

Begin your prepping journey today, not only on our website, but on our email newsletter and by grabbing some helpful prepper books.