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California To Restrict Citizens Drinking Water Consumption

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California To Restrict Citizens Drinking Water Consumption

As California continues to decimate natural human rights, it appears the target is now water consumption. That’s right, the state of California is now planning to limit the amount of water its citizens can drink or use.

The state claims that such restrictions will be put in place to help with “future droughts and climate change,” however, I’m keen to think this is just another flex of ruling class empowerment.

Bill 1668, which has been introduced by Assemblywoman Laura Friedman (D-Glendale), and governor Jerry Brown signed it into law. Brown also signed into law Assembly Bill 606. Combined, Bill 606 and Bill 1668 will limit California citizens to 55 gallons per day for indoor usage. That begins this January and runs through 2025. It then drops to 52.5 gallons until 2030 and 50 gallons following that.

Friedman justified the new sabotage of basic natural rights to citizens by saying “drought” and “climate change” in a statement.

“A lot of us have taken water for granted, but it’s not something we can take for granted in Southern California,” Friedman stated via LA Times. “Climate change, drought – we need to make sure it doesn’t impact life and safety and the economic future of our state.”

For those who think such measures are good and necessary, need I remind you that this means the government officially owns and controls your water. Sure, they did before either of these bills were introduced, but now the government is essentially telling the people how much of this vital resource they can use.

Why is this bad? Well, you have to ask yourself, what’s the end game here? How much rationing of natural water does the future hold and to which peoples? The government is now deciding how much water you can drink. This isn’t a scenario that ends well for anyone.

This gives California’s ruling class a complete autonomous power over a natural resource. What happens when snowfall in the Sierra Nevadas is light for a couple of years in a row? Will drinking water consumption be subjected to further restrictions?

Eventually, Californians will realize that they’ve lost most of their God-given rights. But by then, it may well be too late to fight back (they won’t have anything to fight back with).

This is how it ends, folks. This is why you prep.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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