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Bill Gates Takes On Population Growth Fears In New Video

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Bill Gates Takes On Population Growth Fears In New Video

Bill and Melinda Gates have developed a theory, which they say is backed up by stats, regarding increasing world population. Bill Gates has created a video based on their “annual letter” of which he claims he and wife Melinda answer “the toughest questions” they receive. This year’s question was in regards to world populations expanding due to improvements in healthcare. The question is eye-popping due to recent liberal rhetoric involving population control and the fact that many conspiracy theories surround Gates and his vaccine ambitions.

The question he addresses is “as we make the world healthier, the population gets so big, that feeding everybody and maintaining the environment is going to be impossible.” Maybe he’s more addressing a “thought” as opposed to a “question,” per se, however, I think we get the point.

Gates specifically hones in on the concept of “creating new medicines” being potentially linked to heavy population growth numbers that would inevitably work against the goals and ambitions of working towards a comfortable world to live in. Gates likely approaches this point specifically due to his heavy involvement with worldwide vaccine distribution. Gates is one of the largest proponents of vaccines in the world. His Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have donated billions to the vaccine industry, particularly on the international level. Gates addressing the “overpopulation” concept is likely fueled by one sector of criticism against his foundation’s lifework in the vaccine vertical.

Gates addresses the idea of relentless population growth due to improved health by creating a chart that displays population growth statistics beginning in the 1760’s up until today. A chart which starts off as less than 1 billion persons blooms to over 7.4 billion persons. Additionally, the chart also shows an expedited pace towards the tail-end of the chart.

bill gates population

Of course, it is the recent increased pace that has many concerned for the future of the world. With such a furious new pace for population, would the earth survive? Gates then contest the idea that giving children “medicines” will contribute (or is contributing) to population growth at more outrageous scale.

Gates creates then two more graph points as a way to offer consolation to those who may be fearing that increased medicine distribution to children would nullify any health benefits due to drastically increased population growth. Gates adds in population growth by percentage, which he concludes, shows that population growth percentage is decreasing as health improvements increase. He also asserts that the tail-end of the graph’s world population trend shows it to be flatlining, which he claims is supported by lower population growth via the percentage graph.

Gate’s case and point are that the more vaccines he supplies the world, the less our population grows, even though, the population is still growing. If you noted my¬†sarcasm, you likely realize that I’m labeling Gates’ simplistic approach to the issue as a case of “fuzzy math.” The population is growing and there is little evidence to support a reversal trend. Gates admits that the trend appears to be “flatlining,” however, there is little data to support that it will officially flatline. Moreover, will the population growth reverse? While Gates doesn’t outright say that population growth numbers will reverse, he implies such. So does Gates believe that more vaccines cause the population to trend down?

Gates idea that a healthier world breeds less offspring is hardly scientific in any respect even if his simplistic chart were to turn out correct. There are way too many population growth influencers that go well beyond Gates vaccine programs. For example, pandemics and natural disasters and droughts and women/men’s reproductive health are just starting points. This is why Gates’ graph is much too simple to be a valid scientific claim. Gates graph is simple for the sake of being easily digestible to the masses which he garners support from for his liberal “philanthropy.”

Easily digestible charts, graphs, and political rhetoric should serve as a red flag. If something so complex is simplified into a concept that can be proven or disproven in a 2-minute video, you must realize an agenda likely exist. Gates vast vaccine program has been under fire for years. This video feels like a passive aggressive response to his vaccine program’s criticism more than it does a simple response to a number of letters he and Melinda received in their mailbox. The video feels choreographed and orchestrated and somewhat defensive in tone.

In the end, our population is growing no matter what percentage and trend graphs you want to overlay it with. You may support population growth and you may not, but facts are facts no matter how you graph it out.


Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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