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Bill Gates To Invest $1.7 Billion Into Education System


Bill Gates To Invest $1.7 Billion Into Education System

Microsoft Founder and perpetual globalist/philanthropist, Bill Gates, is promising to now invest $1.7 billion into our public education system. Specifically, k-12, will receive the funds over the course of the next 5 years. And for many, this announcement is serving to sound alarms and once again, considering homeschool curriculums.

Gates is claiming that 60 percent of the donation will land in the public education sector, while 15 percent will wind up funding charter schools. Gates delivered the news at the Council of Great City Schools conference, saying, the 60 percent will go towards “new curricula and networks of schools that work together to identify local problems and solutions . . . and use data to drive continuous improvement.”

“Our #1 priority was – and still is – ensuring that all students get a great public education and graduate with the skills to succeed in the workplace,” Gates said.

And without fail, Gates also delved into the “divided America” theme, essentially saying the funds will go towards making all things equal.

When disaggregated by race, we see two Americas. One where white students perform along the lines of the best in the world—with achievement comparable to countries like Finland and Korea. And another America, where Black and Latino students perform comparably to the students in the lowest performing OECD countries, such as Chile and Greece.

And for all students in U.S. public schools, the percentage of high school graduates who enroll in postsecondary institutions has remained essentially flat.

Our public education system is already being viewed as an indoctrination farm system. It is difficult to imagine Gate’s financial influence won’t go towards worsening this effect.

Gates is a notorious heavy funder of Common Core State Standards. For many parents, teachers, and students, Common Core has served to wreck their public education experiences. Normal and typical math equations have become legendary Youtube viral videos having adults fail to solve them. Some states have all out rejected the Common Core implementation. President Trump even ran on a platform that was anti-Common Core. And Gate’s remains a vigilant supporter of Common Core.

[W]e … backed the Common Core because we believed, and still believe, that all students – no matter where they go to school – should graduate with the skills and knowledge to succeed after high school. It’s exciting to see how the standards are being brought to life in schools and classrooms. But more needs to be done to fully realize their potential.

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Teachers need better curricula and professional development aligned with the Common Core. And we see that they benefit the most from professional development when they are working with colleagues to tackle the real problems confronting their students.

Gates, in a sense, is backing off aspects of Common Core by saying he will move funding to more localized initiatives. That’s the “states standards” talk we are hearing from his Keynote. Gates continues to change up his ideas on how our education system should be. In other words, the pushback on Common Core, which should have been fully embraced by liberals, caused him to go back to the drawing board. One might think enough failure amounts to exposing the person as an improper choice to lead in the field, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with Gates, who clearly refuses to back down attempting to muddy up our public education waters.

Gate’s failures haven’t gone unnoticed by all, however. Ze’ev Wurman, who served as a policy advisor for George W. Bush, says that Gate’s waffling on education policy is an “admission of misdirection,” according to Breitbart.

It is different when a private actor such as Gates uses his money to leverage public money – some $600 billion of it for his own relatively small investment of few tens of millions every year – to steer the public money to implement mediocre curricula and ill thought-out programs born of his feverish imagination and ignorance. Yet that is precisely the track record – and the explicit acknowledgement – of Mr. Gates.

So Bill Gates’ pivoting is not just a matter for Mr. Gates losing his own money. It is an admission that he actively helped to misdirect some 4 TRILLION educational dollars over the last seven years, and that he harmed tens of millions of students during that time by imposing the mediocre and intrusive Common Core upon the nation.

Gates seems to be running an ongoing social experiment through our education system. And that’s making a lot of people uncomfortable, considering his failure to deliver successes. Equally concerning is Gate’s agenda-driven expectations. Gates wants to push social justice narratives in a public education sector that is already plagued with nonsensical policies. Heck, many public schools are canceling Halloween. How much further down this social justice rabbit hole need we go before we figure out the damage we are doing?

But this is Bill Gates, the guy who claims Bitcoin works against the poor. He’s a consistent divider when it comes to pushing his own agenda.

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Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.