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Bill Nye Blows Gasket When Real Scientist Challenges His ‘Climate Change’ Views


Bill Nye Blows Gasket When Real Scientist Challenges His ‘Climate Change’ Views

Bill Nye is best known for being a kid’s science show star. He’s also known as the “scientist” who flip-flopped on the GMO issue after Monsanto possibly wined and dined him.

Nye was hamming for any news station that would take him on Earth Day, because of course he was, which landed him on a CNN panel debating climate change. Nye got offended at CNN for having an actual physicist / scientist on the show, William Happer, to challenge Nye’s indoctrination over the matter.

“There’s this myth that’s developed around carbon dioxide that it’s a pollutant, but you and I both exhale carbon dioxide with every breath. Each of us emits about two pounds of carbon dioxide a day, so are we polluting the planet?” Happer stated, setting Nye off into meltdown mode.

He went on.

“Carbon dioxide is a perfectly natural gas, it’s just like water vapor, it’s something that plants love. They grow better with more carbon dioxide, and you can see the greening of the earth already from the additional carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,”

Nye replied saying that Happer, who advised the Trump President Trump over climate issues, doesn’t understand how fast carbon dioxide enters the atmosphere.

And then he blew a gasket at CNN.

“And I will say, much as I love the CNN, you’re doing a disservice by having one climate change skeptic and not 97 or 98 scientists or engineers concerned about climate change,” Nye said, appearing frustrated having been challenged by a scientist.

Happer responded with this.

“Let me point out that science is not like passing a law,” he said. “You don’t have a vote to say how many are for the law of gravity and how many are against — it’s based on observations. And if you observe what’s happening to, for example, the temperature, the temperature is not rising nearly as fast as the alarmist computer models predicted. It’s much, much less — factors of two or three less. So the whole basis for the alarmism is not true, it’s based on flawed computer modeling.”

Nye appeared to be saddened that a real scientist (something which Nye is not) was explaining science to him.

“That’s completely wrong,” Nye shot back. “He’s cherry picking a certain model. The heat ended up in the ocean. This is not controversial in mainstream science, everybody.”

Here’s the video below. Yes, the title is liberal-influenced. But that’s the world we live in. Watch and judge for yourself.

Geoengineering Seemingly Tabled

When will real scientist figure out that many of our issues are derived from man’s quest to control the weather? Even Nye supports attempting to manipulate our oceans with man-created bubbles. Yet, as per the usual, there is no mention or coverage over how corporate greed use “climate change” that is “caused by the common man” as a cover to continue their manipulation of our environment.


Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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