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Bill Nye Wants To Chemtrail Our Oceans With ‘Bubbles’ So ‘Humans Control Global Temps’


Bill Nye Wants To Chemtrail Our Oceans With ‘Bubbles’ So ‘Humans Control Global Temps’

Geoengineering strategies aren’t just limited to aerial assaults via the planet’s blue skies. It also means tampering with space and our oceans. One project that’s been proposed is to launch a giant mirror into space to reflect the sun’s rays away from us. I somehow end up imagining us all being eradicated like ants under a microscope in the sun. That tells you just exactly how much I trust man to alter our atmosphere. I’ve even seen people suggest we wrap the earth in foil to deflect the sunshine (I’m serious, spend enough time in the Geoengineering sub-reddit’s and you’ll end up fearing for your general safety).

These ideas are said to be “not ready yet,” which is good for us (I guess). But what is closer to being ready, or should I say, something that is generally accepted as close to ready, is this odd idea of pumping air into the oceans and creating bubbles. A physicist at Harvard named Russell Seitz came up with the idea and now Bill Nye (The Science Guy) is pretty excited over it.

In 2010, Seitz proposed pumping tiny “microbubbles” into the ocean. You know, the ocean that fuels our earth’s climates. The idea is that this would increase the ocean’s sea froth and that sea froth would in turn, reflect sunlight away from the earth and….over time….cool the earth’s temperatures. These microbubbles are basically “mirrors made of air,” Seitz told Science Magazine back in 2010.

How would we do this? According to Seitz, we’d run boats all over the ocean pumping compressed air into it. So essentially, we’d fuel up boats that would burn fuel for hours and days and weeks emitting gasses and fumes, but we’d somehow be saving the planet.

“I’m emulating a natural ocean phenomenon and amplifying it just by changing the physics,” Seitz told Science Magazine, “the ingredients remain the same.”

All natural. Like apples. Nothing to worry about.

But Bill Nye really wants to do this and he wants to do it beyond oceans. Nye said that you could pump these tiny bubbles into bodies of water such as power plant cooling ponds, reservoirs, and dams to increase the water’s reflectivity. Some are proposing our rivers.

It seems like considerations should be made before we expose sea life to vastly increased levels of oxygen.

“[I]t’s the kind of idea I want people to at least think about because we’re going to need that kind of ‘blue sky’ thinking in the future,” Nye told National Geographic, “where humankind controls the temperature of the world in these subtle, global ways.

If that last sentence doesn’t make you uncomfortable, I’m not sure what would.

Photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video

Author: Jim Satney

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