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VIDEO: Wall Of Snow Hits London As 1st Blizzard Moves In

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VIDEO: Wall Of Snow Hits London As 1st Blizzard Moves In

London is currently being hit by a massive blizzard as a winter storm takes hold of many regions in Europe. The images coming out of London are especially wicked as the heavy snowfall is created whiteout conditions which have reduced visibility down to zero.

The wall of snow isn’t the only issue facing the citizens of England. They also must contend with extremely cold winds which are derived from the Siberian peninsula. In fact, this may be the coldest spell that England’s experienced for almost 30 years.

The morning began with light falling snow which had many Londoners out in the streets overjoyed. That all changed rather quickly around 2 pm when dropping temperatures and blizzard conditions replaced the serenity of light snowfall. The heavy snow ended around 2:45 and bright sunny winter skies moved in. The temps fell to around -3C which neutralized any general happiness over the sunshine.

Much of England is at a standstill as the heavy snowfalls and blizzard conditions have wreaked havoc on travel. Areas outside of London such as Dartford and Bexley were hit especially hard by heavy snowfall. Many people in London have lost cell phone signals and homes and businesses have lost power. Folks, this is why we are preppers.

London will see little relief this week as the local forecast shows the temperature diving to -15C. That’s going to be jacket weather, my friends. Beyond that, Storm Emma is expected to renew blizzard conditions in similar regions in Europe by Thursday. The Portuguese Met Service, who named Emma, believe the storm will be “significantly disruptive” in the UK. So yes, London is being hit by a pair of blizzards.

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Blizzard preparations are essential if you think you might be traveling through such a weather event. Whiteout conditions could mean being trapped in your automobile for extended periods of time. Always know how to survive a blizzard if you live in such a region prone to blizzard conditions.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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