Boker Plus U.S. Air Force Survival Knife Review

Boker Plus U.S. Air Force Survival Knife Review

Military spec survival knife that is as sturdy and usable as any.

The Boker Plus U.S. Air Force Survival Knife has all the functionality of an ultimate survival knife. Like many of our top fixed blade knives, the Boker Plus U.S. Air Force is a beast that just won’t break or give, particularly in instances that you need it most. It is a true survival knife that comes at a decently budget price of around $50 (depending on offers). For the money, it is unrivaled and would make an excellent addition to any prepper’s bug out bag essentials or any camper or hunter’s tools.

Boker Plus U.S. Air Force Survival Knife Review – Breaking It Down

Boker Plus U.S. Air Force Survival Knife Review
Military spec survival knife that is as sturdy and usable as any.

Blade Length: 4.5 inches
Overall Length: 8 3/8 Inches
Weight: 3.6 oz

Starting with the handle, the Airforce Pilot Survival Knife fits comfortably in the hand. The leather handle is spaced out using aluminum and brass to ensure that it never peels or breaks down under any sort of duress. The end of the handle features a pommel that allows for a survivalist to break down stone or hard ground or even drive it into stumps. Due to the handle being leather, it will feel a bit warm and earthy to grip, particularly for our cold weather survivalists and hunters out there.

This is a reissue of an old military knife used by Strategic Air Command for bombers. It was touted highly for its ability to field dress and clean fish. The Air Force turned down another similar knife due to its heavier weight. Boker was able to accommodate the Air Force on the weight issue and thus, the U.S. Air Force survival knife was born. When the Air Force approves your knife as an ultimate fixed blade, you have to know you’ve done more than a little right.

This is a perfect field knife. For both survivalists and preppers alike, a lightweight field knife is a pretty essential tool.

The look of the U.S. Air Force Survival Knife is reflective of Buck’s line of knives. It is a true thing of beauty, representative of military/hunter style with every angle purposeful for both tactical function and optical beauty.

The Air Force Survival Knife comes with a SAC leather sheath.


Boker Plus U.S. Air Force Blade

Boker Plus U.S. Air Force Survival Knife
The perfect blade for field dressing.

The blade is made from SK-5 carbon steel mirror. At 4.5 inches, you have adequate blade length for field dressing any large game you might be tasked with. It comes relatively sharp out of the box, however, you will want to sharpen it more using your own sharpening stone or mechanical sharpener. The high-quality SK-5 carbon steel can get exceptionally sharp and hold a superior edge.

Aside from field dressing game, you should have no issue with other more laborious cutting tasks such as cutting rope or branches. For preppers, you’d definitely be able to use it to help you build a shelter.

Boker Plus U.S. Air Force Blade Warranty / Company

boker plus survival knives review

The U.S. Air Force Knife has a limited lifetime warranty. Boker Plus isn’t specific on what the limitations are, however, being that they are a pretty solid company I would imagine that so long as you don’t try to redeem the warranty for inconsequential or optical damage, they’d likely accommodate.

Boker is located in Solingen, Germany. They’ve been manufacturing survival knives for 145 years. They supply tactical knives to police and military personnel worldwide. While they come up with their knife design elements in their Solingen location, the knives are built in destination such as the USA, Europe, and even Asia. They even offer chef knives, razors, swords, axes and EDC knives.

This is a great knife, particularly for those who would be using it to field dress game. If you aren’t a hunter, there might be better options in my best-fixed blade knives section.


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