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Trump’s CDC Pick Might Be Gold For Vaccine Rights

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Trump’s CDC Pick Might Be Gold For Vaccine Rights

Brenda Fitzgerald is rumored to be President Donald Trump’s next selection for the head of the CDC. Currently, Fitzgerald is the head of the Georgia Department of Public Health. If selected, Fitzgerald won’t have to travel too far for her new position at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is located conveniently enough for her, in Atlanta. She would be succeeding a short-lived reign by Dr. Anne Schuchat, who took the helm in January of 2017.

The CDC is a mega-employer in the Atlanta area, but even further than that, the CDC is a polarizing establishment that is either adored or hated. Its stance to promote the use of vaccines and its seemingly biased relationship with pharmaceutical companies has long caused the CDC to walk a tightrope between adoration and spite.

So who is Brenda Fitzgerald and what type of CDC head might she be?

For starters, she’s a obstetrician-gynecologist. But with any selection Trump makes to the CDC, questions will surely arise regarding their vaccine stances. And that’s because Trump himself is a noted vaccine skeptic.

The anti-vaccine movement is stronger than ever, mostly because no one every would have thought it possible for a vaccine skeptic to jump very high in political ranks, much less the highest position in the world. Trump’s CDC selection, whether that officially becomes Fitzgerald or not, will surely ruffle feathers and cause political tug of wars.

As it stands, many in the anti-vaccine camp don’t adore Fitzgerald in the slightest. That’s because seemingly on the surface, she’s a vaccine pusher. Her comments regarding vaccines from several years ago sound rather standard issue, for all intents and purposes.

“I’ve heard all the arguments against vaccination. All have been debunked, including the infamous 1980s study in Europe about a similar vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella, and a supposed link – that we now know to be false – to autism, which shattered vaccine use in Europe.”

It doesn’t get a whole lot more clear than that. Or does it? Tim Bolen of the BolenReport has a much more candid and unique take on the matter. He feels strongly that both Donald Trump and Tom Price would be getting a near gem in Fitzgerald and that the anti-vaccination community would be inheriting a prize.

He cites as evidence her seemingly strategic avoidance of the vaccine issue in what would likely be propaganda placement dreams. For example, he points to this video.

Per Bolen: “In the first 2:30 of this second video you will understand Brenda’s approach to child development – but watch the whole thing. Vaccines were NOT even mentioned, but it is NOT hard to see what a negative role they would play in Brenda Fitzgerald’s, and her friends’, brain-development scenarios.”

He also points out her “tell it like it is” style.

Politics are a strange, unpredictable negotiation. The money tends to flow in the directions that are the most subject to manipulations. Would that be Fitzgerald or would she be the rock Bolen assumes she will be?

Vaccines are an enormous and growing revenue pusher. Our prepper website believes strongly in parental choice. The push for mandatory vaccinations is a terrifying slippery slope to consider. The CDC most certainly has influence in this realm, as does the President of the United States.

The position of head of the CDC does require Senate confirmation. She’d be walking directly into the Zika virus mayhem, so she’d more than taste a sip of the vaccine elixir in her first 90 days, she’d be binge drinking from the bottle. Additionally, Trump has a slew of financial cuts involving the CDC that she’d have to negotiate. This type of territory could cause immediate riffs if both her and Trump aren’t on a realistic first page. She’s looking at a $1.2 billion cut if things pan out in Trump’s budget plan.

Fitzgerald is no newcomer to the Republican party’s politics, having served as a policy advisor to both House Speaker Newt Gingrich and U.S. Sen. Paul Coverdell. She definitely knows the lay of the land well. That said, she’s established that she’s an advocate for equal rights. She rejected a California physician’s job as a Georgia, health director after reports of his derogatory comments condemning gay rights came to exposure.

Fitzgerald could wind up as the perfect negotiation for both sides, or one side might feel more than a little shunned. Considering most of Trump’s moves, you’d be best to bet the family house on the latter.

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Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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