Britain Puts Military On ‘Standby’ In Event Country Leaves EU With No Plan

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U.K. Ministers have revealed a plan in place to transport food, medicine, supplies, and other necessary items to the public if Britain’s exit from the EU comes without any firm deal in place. “Brexit,” as the British exit from the European Union is known, could prompt massive civil disruptions if the infrastructure is compromised due to a lack of domestic currency.

The plan strategically allows the military to work closely with local police forces to help deliver supplies and protect and defend.

Military boats, trucks, and helicopters would be used to deliver goods in the most efficient means possible. If  Britain’s social order were to break down, people who rely on medical supplies, such as medicine and devices, might be left in precarious positions. Britain’s plan would seek to deliver these goods to people and prevent loss of life.

Just a week ago, health secretary Matt Hancock met with executives in various medical fields to help “accelerate” the development of the operational plan.

Grocery stores have warned suppliers that now is the time to build up supplies in the event that supply channels are shut off during infrastructural compromises. The NHS has similarly announced plans to utilize foreign resources as a way to supply medical needs.

If Prime Minister Teresa May can’t reach a deal for a formal, strategic EU exit, complications in Britain’s infrastructure would likely ensue.

According to, Hancock’s plan includes prepping for numerous facets of the medical supply chain.

“We are working right across Government to ensure that the health sector and the industry are prepared and that people’s health will be safeguarded in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

“This includes the chain of medical supplies, vaccines, medical devices, clinical consumables, blood products.

“And I have asked the department to work up options for stockpiling by industry.”

Some of the government’s rhetoric involving the new prepper blueprint could certainly be based in a startling reality. However, some could view this as a government attempting to leverage “guilt” over those who voted to end the EU’s relationship with their country.

As it stands, most believe that May will reach an agreement, but not all are confident that the “agreement” will support the good faith of the voters who voted to terminate the deal and seek autonomy.

Any valid shortages in food and medical supplies pose a risk of civil chaos, depending on how long deliveries take and how desperate people become. It is beyond the pale to consider such a scenario when political solutions are within reach. If May doesn’t reach an agreement, one might wonder if a tactical, politically strategic side to such a failure exist.

It is always imperative to make preparations for the unforeseen. It is often irresponsible to depend on government supply chains under the conditions of societal breakdown. Always have medical supplies, when possible, stocked. Having food and water stored is essential.

Britain’s future following their exit deal from the EU will rely heavily on their ability to obtain new trade deals. President Trump is persuading Britain to exit the EU without delay, something Teresa May has indicated she’s willing to do. Trump said during a press conference alongside May that he is “confident she has a plan to deliver Brexit.” Britain must be completely out of the EU by March 29th of 2019, making it imperative that the country have a stable exit plan in place. Beyond the exit from the EU, Britain will experience an environment of absolute free trade and autonomy from the EU’s governing stipulations and restrictions.

The bigger question may be if Britain pursues a similar hard-line on trade deals as President Trump has for the United States. In other words, will Britain strong-arm the EU into “no tariffs” type deals, or act more complacently and take what is given. Due to this, the EU has clear concerns about portions of its own future.

Photo by dying regime

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