Mongolian Bubonic Plague Outbreak Kills Two, Airliner Quarantined ‘Indefinitely’

mongolia bubonic plague

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Two people died after contracting the bubonic plague in Mongolia. The married couple, both of whom are left nameless, leave behind four children. The man was 38 years old while his wife only 37 years of age. They are thought to have contracted bubonic plague after hunting and eating marmot, an activity deemed illegal in Mongolia. A plane they used for travel is now quarantined indefinitely. A team of medics in anti-contamination suits are treating other passengers.

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Over 150 people are now under medical supervision due to having had contact with the couple. Bayan-Ulgii province’s emergency management department stated: ‘Preliminary test results show that bubonic plague likely caused the deaths of the two people.’

bubonic plague outbreak mongolia
photo credit: siberian times

Dramatic scenes unfolded after a flight traveling within Mongolia landed in the country’s capital, Ulaanbaatar. Health officials decked out in full contamination gear were sent to the plane as soon as it was stopped on the tarmac. Some passengers were sent immediately to a local hospital. Others were given examinations on board, according to the Siberian Times.

bubonic plague outbreak
image credit: siberian times

Paramedics immediately boarded the plane in protective gear to assess the situation.

Dr. N.Tsogbadrakh, director of National Centre for Zoonotic Dermatology and Medicine, said: “Despite the fact that eating marmots is banned, Citizen T [the name given to the male victim] hunted marmot. He ate the meat and gave it to his wife, and they died because the plague affected his stomach.”

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