Buffalo Community Holds Toy Gun Exchange Program

Buffalo New York Toy Gun Exchange

The liberal indoctrination programs are a robust network of both public universities and schools. Children and young adults are constantly being fed liberal-moralist mantras as a way to program them for future behavior. With the debate over guns raging in as contentious of manners as ever, you almost had to see this latest attempt at indoctrination coming. 

A section of Buffalo, New York has launched a fake gun buyback program for kids. The program ran by Buffalo F.A.T.H.E.R.S organization, encourages children to turn in toy guns to at a Toy Gun Exchange program that will seemingly be held on an annual basis.

“Whatever you put in a child’s hands that’s what he feels comfortable with and you put a toy gun in his hands at an early age and when he gets older he’s going to want the real thing,” Leonard Lane, the President of the group sponsoring the program, told WIVB.

The children are able to exchange the toy guns for new, more enticing, presents this Christmas. If this sounds eerily similar to gun buyback programs common in liberal hotbeds like Los Angeles, that’s because it is. And likely, the similarities are not coincidences. Lane expresses that he wants children to feel “uncomfortable around toy guns” and seemingly wants to indoctrinate them to support government-run gun buyback programs. It is important to remember that there are liberal groups, including in our own government, who support Australian style gun bans. Australia achieved results with its buyback program because the buyback program was mandatory (much like everything else is in the country – think vaccines).

By training kids at an early age to fear guns and embrace gun buyback programs, we are essentially indoctrinating soon to be adults to advocate for gun bans in general.

“This is a cap gun and it sounds real,” said Leonard Lane.

Cap guns have been around for decades, they’ve endured ebbs and flows of all types of crime. There is absolutely no evidence linking a child having a cap gun to an adult committing gun violence. The narrative here is clearly to create fear and subjugate the herd into a misleading belief which shifts the power of the people to the power of the government.

Lane also remarks that playing cops and robbers is not appropriate due to the “environment we live in” that he proposes is rich in “so much violence.” Again, these games have been played by children for ages, dating back to the old west. Lane’s conjecture and resulting philosophy are irresponsible beyond just being a flagrant inaccuracy.

This is without argument, a program designed strictly to indoctrinate the herd into giving up their rights. We’ve seen it with medical agendas and sex change agendas, now we are seeing it with gun ownership. Gun ownership is an embedded right of our constitution. But a disarmed society is easier to subjugate, a point the parents of these children clearly miss.

The left’s constant war on the Constitution is nothing short of exhausting at this juncture. With midterm elections right around the corner, you’d think the left would take the opportunity to find electable candidates, rather than make attempts at hypnotizing the herd. Gun sales over Black Friday weekend were insanely high due to all the gun-banning-rhetoric arising from the left. And you can almost expect such a trend to continue as long as the left pulls stunts such as this absurdity.

The cap gun exchange, in case you were wondering, will happen on December 16th. We aren’t sure what the exchanged gifts will end up being, although I’m sure I could take a number of guesses. Hopefully, logic takes hold of parents and they realize that this is absurd even by liberal standards.


Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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