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How To Choose The Best Bug Out Bag Backpack For Survival

Bug Out Bag

How To Choose The Best Bug Out Bag Backpack For Survival

You’ve heard the term, “bug out bag backpack.” By now, you likely know that a bug out bag backpack is a bag that you can grab and use to survive for up to 72 hours if need be. Many people are beginning to understand that more and more, our world is a tenuous place that sometimes feels like a civil war tinderbox. But even beyond that, the earth has weather and weather can cause us more than just minor inconveniences. Hurricanes, tornadoes and even earthquakes can destroy our local inhabitants and cause us to be without necessary supplies.

There is also a constant threat of terror attacks, or hacking by other nations, which could place our power grids in compromising positions. If the power grid goes down, it all collapses. And you will be left holding the bag. The good news is, that bag doesn’t have to be empty and useless. It can be a bug out bag. It can be your survival bag that you use to make it through a few days.

If you haven’t read my bug out bag essentials post, do so first and then come back here.

Some people refer to the bug out bag as the 72 hour bag. The reasoning behind calling it a 72 hour bad, I’d hope, is relatively clear. If things go down, you should be able to survive for that amount of time using one single bag. Remember, if the power gird goes down, you have no access to fuel, groceries, clean water, ATM machines, etc. If you aren’t prepared, you could be the subject of violence. So how do you approach your bug out bag?

How To Choose A Bug Out Bag Backpack

First things first, if you don’t already know what you are going to put inside your bug out bag, it is best to start there. Because the fact is, you need to know what’s going to go inside of it to know what size specs you need. You could choose a premade bug out bag on Amazon, but if you go custom, its important to understand what you intend to carry.

Choosing a backpack means deciding between two main types of bags: Tactical and Hiking. The argument against a tactical bag is a bit unsubstantiated, in my opinion. Many people believe that a tactical bag will draw attention to you during a disaster. That it may cause you to look as if you know what you are doing and tempt thugs to attempt to rob you, or worse. But I see it as the opposite. I’d rather attack a less prepared person than a prepared one. A tactical bag means possible concealed carry on the body, not just in the bag. And if looters are looting and robbing, I doubt they take the time to assess the type of backpack being used. They probably just attack in the most opportune scenarios.

In the end, choose the bug out bag that looks the most comfortable. Read reviews. But also, here’s some more bug out bag tips to consider.

Bug Out Bag Backpack Weight

How much should your bug out bag backpack weigh? Well, that’s up to you. As an avid backpack guy, I can tell you, deeply consider this spec. The thing is, the backpack’s weight is your starting weight. That bag will be loaded to the max with bug out essentials. If you are ordering online, read reviews. Read the bug out bag specs on how much it weighs. You can compare to other options which will likely show up in recommended Amazon area.

Bug Out Bag Backpack Quality

You might be thinking, “eh, I may only use this bag for 72 hours, so who cares what the quality is?” Not a good idea. You can’t predict the circumstances that may surround you during a tornado or earthquake or even terrorist attack. Your bag will need to be able to endure the rugged. You want it to be able to handle rain. And most certainly, it needs to be able to handle weight.

Bug out bags are just backpacks and one of the biggest weaknesses backpacks have are the straps. Shoulder straps tend to tear, or breakdown, where the strap meets the core of the bag. This is a huge indicator of a bag that’s low quality material. This is especially prevalent with laptop bags. This can cause the bag to last for only a short period of time until the threads begin to break down. If you are carrying a lot of weight, the bag will either break off at the strap or you won’t be able to tighten the strap against your body which would allow you to walk or hike with more comfort. You can’t depend on staying in your residence the entire time the disaster is happening, although that would be the hope.

Bug Out Bag Backpack Should Be Waterproof Material

For certain, make sure your bug out bag is waterproof. I shouldn’t have to explain why, but just know, you might be caught in rainstorms or have to clear flood waters. You want a bag that can keep everything you are using to survive protected.

Bug Out Bag’s Colors Or Styles

Many preppers believe that a bug out bag shouldn’t be brightly colored or unique in any way that may draw attention. That makes sense. But honestly, I don’t see a lot of brightly colored options out there so this shouldn’t be too much of an issue unless you go out of your way.

If you think your bag needs to be bright so that it can attract the attention from help, you shouldn’t need that all. Your bag should have flashlights and even a knife, like the Tool Logic SL 2 Pro that comes with an LED light and Firestarter. You check our best survival knives as well.

In conclusion, just make sure you read the bug out bag reviews. Amazon is loaded with reviews on their most popular pre-built bug out bags. In fact, AMAZON has a FULLY STOCKED BUG OUT BAG. Just take the time to really do your research.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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