California Hospitals Collapsing From Lack of Patients, Need Bailout

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Hospitals in California are now desperate for funding as the shutdown continues to wreak havoc on their welfare. Hospitals are now $14 billion in the hole due to the drastic cancellations of elective surgeries. The state canceled elective surgeries anticipating a massive wave of coronavirus patients, but so far, such dire predictions never happened.

As a result, The California Hospital Association is asking the state to immediately approve $1 billion in financial aid, according to Sacramento’s Fox affiliate. So yes, you’re reading this right: California hospitals are asking for a state bailout because the shutdown allowed them too few patients to create revenue. It’s almost as if the shutdown entirely backfired, yet our politicians refuse to acknowledge such.

California is currently drained financially, which is no surprise at all given their draconian shutdown that’s keeping their citizens from gainful employment. While Governor Newsom continues to hint at easing restrictions, it’s difficult to imagine the state will fully reopen anytime soon. So hospitals and many small businesses will suffer through the next many months.

It’s difficult to avoid the irony of hospitals collapsing from too few patients. But that’s what is happening. At this point, politicians are either completely risk averse, hold a political position that’s empowered by economic casualties, or just don’t want to admit they were wrong on their assessment. As Americans, we are now pawns in a two-party political warring saga. And we’re losing big. But protests continue to thrive across the country and ReOpen America continues to grow with support.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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