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California Restaurant Bans Kids And Some Parents Are Angry

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California Restaurant Bans Kids And Some Parents Are Angry

The debate over children and restaurants goes back almost as far as any modern debate you can think of. If you are a parent, you’ve likely been confronted with the issue of whether or not it’s appropriate to bring your kids to a restaurant.

For parents in Monterey, California, one restaurant has made that decision a heck of a lot easier for them. Old Fisherman’s Grotto says you can bring your kids to their dining room under a strict adherence to dining room policy and they have a controversial sign to help make sure that policy is clear to everyone.

The policy says that “crying or making loud noises” won’t be tolerated. Additionally, no booster seats, high chairs, or strollers are allowed on the property. I’m going to take a guess that a kids menu coloring book isn’t handed out by the host, either.

There are lots of angry parents that say they will never eat at Old Fisherman’s Grotto again. The restaurant, however, remains staunchly supportive of their decision.

I’m a big fan of business owner rights. If a restaurant wants to have such a policy in concern with kids, go for it. The free market is great at deciding if a policy works or doesn’t work and the restaurant is certain to adjust. However, this tends to go back to the bakery and the gay wedding cake dilemma. Isn’t a bakery being forced to bake a gay wedding cake hypocrisy when another restaurant can turn around and ban kids? And yes, they banned kids, eliminating the use of booster seats and strollers and having a 0 tolerance for crying is banning kids.

I’m all for businesses exercising their freedoms when it comes to who they serve, but I think we need to be careful that we aren’t being biased by how those rights are distributed.

If you don’t like I bakery that won’t bake a gay wedding cake, don’t buy little Timmy’s birthday cake at their establishment (I wouldn’t). If you don’t like a restaurant that doesn’t allow kids, don’t eat there. The free market is a powerful recourse.

I have kids and find it hard to eat out without mine, but I also have no issue if some restaurants want to cater to those who want to be away from kids. There are tons of restaurants that are kid-friendly, no reason to get fired up over losing one option.

But that’s just me, how about you all? Leave us a comment.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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