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California To Spend $90 Million On Socialized Tent Cities For Homeless

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California To Spend $90 Million On Socialized Tent Cities For Homeless

Orange County, California supervisors have now voted to spend $70.5 million on homeless camps in the city of Irvine. This spend will include the creation of permanent housing for the homeless as well. The cities of Huntington Beach and Laguna Niguel will also be considered for homeless camps. The obscene amount of spending points more and more to a state that is intent on becoming a socialist sect.

Last week, the same group of supervisors approved a $20 million spend for permanent housing, which now means the state will spend $90 million on housing the homeless and creating homeless camps. This is the largest amount of taxpayer funding ever by Orange County in regards to “fixing homelessness.” To be honest, I’d assume it is one of the largest spends nationally.

The supervisors claim the exorbitant amount of money comes from years of “failed spends” in concern with “fixing homelessness” in the county. However, this is where the lines get blurred. The original money was marked for mental health funding, not homeless camps, so the money is simply being diverted away from another growing crisis in mental health. The supervisors also claim they’ve been “misled” over how much money is actually available for homelessness. Some say they may have $186 million available, which would be even more ludicrous.

According to the OC Register, homeless advocates are pleased with the decision.

“It’s really great to see the county finally… take steps to ending the housing crisis in Orange County,” said Brooke Weitzman, an attorney who this year sued the county on behalf of the homeless.

I supposed if you advocate for homelessness, spending a near $100 million on camps and not attending to your state’s egregious spending by greedy politicians or fixing housing rental costs is a sure way to retain as much homelessness as possible.

California continues to slip into the socialism abyss. Last month, it was revealed that San Fransisco would be the first city in the country to provide free (and cozy, I might add) rooms for drug users throughout the city. Before that, the state’s widespread homeless issue, due to middle-class residents being unable to afford local rents, was under fire nationally. Images from Orange County’s homeless camps shocked the nation. Middle-class residents sleeping in approved car camps in Santa Barbara went viral. And Los Angeles philanthropists booting the homeless from car camping in urban neighborhoods was riveting stuff. For Orange County, the fix is to create, apparently, more tent cities.

Orange County is also being sued for not embracing the tent cities along the Santa Ana River Trail. This could be further incentive to push for further socialized living.

Supervisors are aware that the tent cities won’t be popular among residents. In fact, Huntington Beach fought against tent cities and slowed up any push to further expand them into their famous beach community. Oddly, when pressed, liberals don’t really like helping people. Who knew? This has led to the entire county fighting over which cities to move the tent camps into.

“We have to go with (land) we have,” Supervisor Shawn Nelson said, who proposed opening temporary homeless shelters at the Irvine and Huntington Beach locations but couldn’t get other supervisors to approve such a strategy.

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Author: Jim Satney

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