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California Preppers Stockpile Ammunition Ahead Of Law Changes


California Preppers Stockpile Ammunition Ahead Of Law Changes

Residents in California are buying up and stockpiling ammunition at record paces.

As California approaches the implementation of more stringent ammunition sales laws, online ammunition dealers are seeing massive surges of ammunition orders from the state. California’s Proposition 63, which passed back in 2016 with over 60% of the vote, will begin to take effect on January 1, 2018. According to OCRegister, online ammunition dealers went from experiencing 10% of all sales being generated from the state of California to 50%.

Eric Schepps stated, “California has been consistently at the top of our sales, but the biggest difference is that in 2014, about one in 10 packages was going to California. Last year, it was about one in every five packages. Today, every other package we ship is going to a California ZIP code.”

The urgency to stockpile ammunition in the state of California is now at an all-time high, which isn’t surprising given the extreme nature of the new ammunition laws that will soon be implemented. The new laws will, unsurprisingly, make California the strictest state in the nation in concern with purchasing ammunition.

As it stands, anyone who is of the age 18 can purchase ammunition. If the ammunition is for a handgun, the person must be at least 21 years of age. This also means that anyone in California can order ammunition easily online and have the ammunition dropped at their personal residence.

With the new law, ammunition sales will be forced through vendors licensed by the state Department of Justice. This mandate will include online vendors. Essentially, this will force all ammunition sales to be shipped directly to a resident vendor that meets the DOJ’s licensing requirements.

In July of 2019, California residents who wish to purchase ammunition will be required to pass a state background check.

Other various laws will also take place over the course of the next two years. For example, the state will add on more background checkpoints that disqualify a California resident from owning a firearm. The state will require that all guns manufactured after 1968 have a serial number on it. One of the biggest changes will be that those residents who currently own an “assault weapon” register it to the state or risk the state removing it from their possession. This would mean including the popular SHTF gun, AR-15.

Ammo for the AR-15 (.223) accounts for nearly 15% of all sales, just behind 9mm ammunition. Both national and California stats line up similarly. California will soon be the only state that requires a background check for the purchase of ammunition.

Gun Laws, Ammunition Laws, Force Urgency Among Preppers

The nature of proposed bans typically amounts to a sense of urgency in the consumer markets. Last Thanksgiving, the Democratic gun regulation and gun ban proposals and talk led to record high gun sales. If you frequently visit sporting good stores, then you have likely noticed an uptick of consumers standing around the gun department counters. That’s not your eyes playing tricks on you, that’s consumers reacting to the fact that legislators want to inhibit their natural and constitutional rights to own and possess a firearm. California’s ammunition regulation is working in similar fashion, causing many residents to realize that the state might be heading towards a full firearm ban. Thinking about purchasing a SHTF gun? Check out my M&P Sport 2 Review. The M&P Sport 2 is now a top-selling AR-15 due to its economical nature (it’s not too expensive) and the fact that AR-15 bans are becoming more and more of a threat nationwide.

The AR-15 is considered to be one of the best prepper guns to buy and a great deal of the reason for that is the affordable, widely available .223 ammunition. Restricting ammunition is actually a more fluid way for the state to hinder gun ownership. What’s the point of owning a gun you can’t purchase ammunition for?

California Gun Ban Law Could One Day Be Reality

Don’t sleep on California moving to all-out ban guns in the future. As preppers, we have to understand the nature of the slippery slope at work. For California, that slope’s been oiled up for years. California consistently politicizes criminal acts and paints a narrative that concludes that removing guns from law-abiding citizens is the appropriate punishment for someone else’s illegal criminal activity. While the logic may fail, the highly indoctrinated liberal state would have little resistance from citizens in passing such draconian laws.

Part of being a prepper means paying attention to legislation like we are seeing in California.


Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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