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Blizzard Video Shows Canadians ‘ENCASED IN HOMES’ Following Historic Storm

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Blizzard Video Shows Canadians ‘ENCASED IN HOMES’ Following Historic Storm

An epic blizzard struck parts of Northeast Canada this weekend, literally burying residents. The storm dumped nearly two-feet in snow while simultaneously pounding homes and buildings with 100 MPH+ winds. Its likely officials will rank this as one of the worst modern blizzards to hit North America.

The below videos put on display the reason why you should always have your SHTF gear prepped and ready. Please read our Blizzard Survival guide for information on what you can do if you’re in the path of a monster snow and wind maker.

“No daylight to be seen,” one resident can be heard saying as he dumps snow into his bathtub in order to dig out of his home.

When it comes to disaster scenarios such as this, you’ll need a stockpile of water and canned foods to help get along.

Right now, people are literally encased in their homes. They can’t go to a store or even call for assistance.

A labrador takes to streets to help.

The region is buried in feet of snow while it endures high-powered winds. You can take in the apocalyptic sights and sounds in this video.


Author: Jim Satney

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