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Canadian Government Auditor Issues Rare Warning To Citizens

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Canadian Government Auditor Issues Rare Warning To Citizens

The Auditor General of Ontario, Canada has issued a grim warning to residents in the region. In regards to the local government’s finances, citizens should expect an unprecedented adverse audit opinion. This means that Ontario’s finances are so bleak that the auditor is informing/warning the citizens. This is more proof that financial disaster likely looms and why you should always have your bug out bag essentials ready.

This is the first time in Canadian history that a warning of such nature has been issued in the country, though, her results are not entirely surprising considering the furious growth of socialism and identity politics that continues to plague the country. Just so everyone is clear, an adverse audit opinion would signal that the Province’s books are misrepresented and potentially falsified. Do you want to know the formula for an economic collapse? Let’s just say that falsified books are a good start.

Ontario stated last year that they were working on correcting $8 million in debt. The problem is that the debt may be much larger. However, the adverse opinion may come down to something that every citizen uses on the daily – electricity.

As Ontario Director, Christine Van Geyn, explains, this all began when the auditor attempted to audit the Independent Electricity System Operator. The auditor has issued complaints that the IESO has stalled out on turning over essential information that would help the auditor perform her job. In fact, the situation is so hostile, the IESO refused to sign the management documentation citing they’d turned over all essential documentation pertaining to the audit. They refused to disclose pertinent meetings. They refused to hand over financial statements. They also turned over a heavy box of paper documents rather than providing that same documentation in the easier, digital format.

The auditor claims they also “understated their pension liabilities” and failed to “consult with her own accounting policy changes.” She claims the new accounting policies are “bogus.”

In other words, the IESO has stifled the independent auditor’s duties to such a degree that the audit has come to a halt.

But most common citizens have no idea that a provincial financial auditor is going to have to say that the provincial government’s books are misrepresented.

Here is Ontario Director, Christine Van Geyn, explaining the dire economic situation to Canadians.

This is how economies collapse. When elites are given such superior power that they don’t even have to comply with independent audits, they are given ample opportunity to steal from the taxpayers and citizens. The government is spending the money of taxpayers and disturbingly, they refuse to show the citizens how the money is being spent. Billions of dollars in spending is literally just disappearing into thin air, only backed by elitist, crooked politicians claiming that things are “all good.”

This is why we prep. Because we can hardly ever see the truth behind the mighty crown’s wall, we can’t safely say that the system won’t inevitably collapse. In all likelihood, we are nearing global economic collapse and only the prepared will survive.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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