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Health Officials Warn of Frightening New Infection ‘Everything was positive — the walls, the bed, the doors, the curtains’

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Health Officials Warn of Frightening New Infection ‘Everything was positive — the walls, the bed, the doors, the curtains’

A drug-resistant infection is spreading around the globe, according to health officials. Candida auris is considered deadly to those with compromised immune systems. According to the NYTimes, Candida auris recently killed an elderly man.

But the most terrifying part in all of this is how quickly the fungus takes over a room. According to doctors who treated the man, everything from the floors to the ceiling was found to be infected.

“Everything was positive — the walls, the bed, the doors, the curtains, the phones, the sink, the whiteboard, the poles, the pump,” Dr. Scott Lorin, president of the Brooklyn branch, told the Times. “The mattress, the bed rails, the canister holes, the window shades, the ceiling, everything in the room was positive.”

Countries around the world, including India, Pakistan, and Spain, are reporting cases of Candida auris. The Center for Disease Control says that they’ve found 51 clinical case-patients and 61 screening case-patients in New York. Almost half of the clinical case-patients died within three months of diagnosis.

Candida Auris Is Drug-Resistant

candida auris antibiotic resistantAccording to the CDC, Candida auris is resistant to fluconazole. Fluconazole is a powerful drug used to treat infections. It belongs to the class of drugs named azole antifungals. But it fails to move the needle on Candida auris, which has many in the medical community frightened. Candida auris spreads quickly and easily and has nothing to slow it down. It seems to infect mostly the elderly, but people in their 20s have reportedly been infected as well.

The overuse of antibiotics is the main cause for Candida auris’ spread. Because antibiotics work less and less, infections are able to thrive. Worse more, SSRI medications such as Prozac are linked to increased antibiotic resistance. While Candida auris is far from a pandemic threat, it still shouldn’t be taken lightly. Additionally, the threat is a reflection of a modern world whereas an antibiotic collapse is in full swing.

Drug resistance helps create superbugs that at one time were manageable through antibiotic treatment. However, the tide has turned and now superbugs are a potential pandemic threat. Your best defense is hand washing and basic sanitation. Eating a healthy diet can help boost your immune system.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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