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Antifa Takes Over City Blocks In Seattle, Forms New Government.

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Antifa Takes Over City Blocks In Seattle, Forms New Government.

Protesters and members of Antifa have taken over a portion of downtown Seattle and created what’s known as an “autonomous zone.”  The area is ripe with signs forbidding anyone from coming or going. They also have a list of demands. The area is crumbling into anarchy as liberal politicians refuse to take control.

The area is called the Seattle Autonomous Zone (SAZ) or the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), and leaders are creating new societal rules. It’s as absurd, and likely dangerous, as it sounds. Leaders are defining what the new laws are in a series of speeches reminiscent of something more reflective of Jonestown than an “anti-fascist movement.”

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee played obtuse to the matter, denying any knowledge of the takeover to the media.
Q: Governor, I’d like to ask you about what’s going on in Seattle. There’s this thing called the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. What’s your thought on that — the fact that the protesters have taken that over, and not allowing people to come and go freely? …

A: Well, that’s news to me. So I’ll have to reserve any comment about it. I have not heard anything about that from any credible source. [Laughs] Not that you’re not credible, it’s just that I — before I espouse an opinion, I should know of which I speak. [Laughs]

And things are even more absurd. A man named Raz Simone has declared himself the new law. He and his armed gang are patrolling and at times, violently instilling the rule of law.

President Trump lashed out at Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan, telling her it was time to take her city back. He also referred to Antifa once again as, “domestic terrorists.” He’s also threatening to fix the issue if her and Gov. Inslee continue to refuse action, or even deny its happening.

The new order in Seattle demands a free health care system, amnesty for illegal aliens, and of course, the dismantling of police.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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