Why Data Back Up Should Be Included On Every Prepper’s List

data back up

We live in a day and age where our information and our documents are just something we consider when we need them. We don’t exactly stress out about our passport or birth certificate until we are suddenly inconvenienced by not being able to locate them before a trip to Cancun. For many of us, these files are kept in safe boxes on a “medium prepper” skill level. Often, someone in our family has convinced us that a few close to heart documents is something we should protect from things such as fire or floods. And that definitely the prepper website word to the wise.

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What Is A Bug Out Bag?

Bug out bag house fire

bug out bag essentialsThe term, “bug out,” is increasing in popularity, even beyond prepper websites such as this one. And because of this, many normal people are asking, what is a bug out bag?

Yes, I said “normal people,” we don’t play the political correctness card around here, so not sorry if you are offended! But the truth is, the typical person on the street simply will not know what a bug out bag is. Often times, people think a bug out bag is some weird prepper stuff that will never actually come to fruition. But really, who hasn’t been told to keep a first aid kit in their home? Or shoes next to their bed in case of an earthquake? A bug out bag is all this and so much more.

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How To Prepare a Bug Out Bag | Avoid These Mistakes

Often times, we discuss ad nauseam what TO pack in your bug out bag. But what about bug out bag mistakes? In my How To Prepare a Bug Out Bag article, I will go over common bug out bag mistakes that could leave a survivalist on a much shorter timeline. By learning how to prepare a bug out bag, the prepper learns to take nothing for granted. Just because you already bought your bug out bag essentials certainly doesn’t mean you are completely ready for anything.

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Build a Legit Tactical Bug Out Bag In Case Disaster Strikes

A tactical bug out bag could very well save your life. All too often, people living in the western world live mentally detached from the harsh realities of life. We feel that nothing bad could ever happen to us. We see the “third world” as a place we simply can’t relate to and that doesn’t affect us. But the ugly truth has been rearing its ugly head for years now. The 2017 Presidential race between Hillary Clinton and now President, Donald Trump, exposed that the United States and western society in general, has very real threats. Terrorism is on the rise. Weather scenarios are ultimately proving that our infrastructure is fragile. And for many of us, a general distrust of our government certainly plays a role.

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How To Choose The Best Bug Out Bag Backpack For Survival

bug out bag backpack

You’ve heard the term, “bug out bag backpack.” By now, you likely know that a bug out bag backpack is a bag that you can grab and use to survive for up to 72 hours if need be. Many people are beginning to understand that more and more, our world is a tenuous place that sometimes feels like a civil war tinderbox. But even beyond that, the earth has weather and weather can cause us more than just minor inconveniences. Hurricanes, tornadoes and even earthquakes can destroy our local inhabitants and cause us to be without necessary supplies.

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How To Build a Doomsday Medicine Bag For Longterm Survival

survival medicine listWhen and if doomsday comes, any prepper worth his or her weight in aqua tabs most certainly understands that the pharmaceuticals we might be taking would run out. When the power grid is attacked, don’t expect health insurance companies to call your local pharmacy. And don’t expect your pals at Big Pharma to be hanging out on corners trying to help the peoples. In fact, pharma executives will be long gone, living lavishly in their golden doomsday shelters, watching TV by way of their massive back up generators. The rest of us will be concerned that our medical profiles will expose us to the need for medicines we can’t get. This is why we need to compile a survival medicine list to make our own doomsday medicine chest.

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Bug Out Bag Essentials | Have You Thought Of This?

The MOST Essential Items For Your Bug Out Bag: Your Medications

By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO, AOBNMM, ABIHM – April 22, 2017

People are increasingly aware that prepping is not just a paranoid activity for those who are concerned about apocalyptic events. For example, unanticipated and usual weather disasters have proven to be devastating to humans and animals alike: from cattle-killing blizzards in South Dakota, to earth-scorching fires in Oklahoma, to mudslides and sinkholes in California, to flash floods in Ohio. The importance of food and water storage is a given for most preppers. But don’t forget the most essential items for your bug out bag: your medications.

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